Artist and/or Writer

by Yolizbeth L.

Since I am on this site, you can infer that I am thirteen years old! My name is Yolizbeth but I prefer Yoli because it easier to remember. I love to write and paint/draw; they are my passions. My family isn't "up to par" financially and as the eldest child, I feel like it is my responsibility to help. I plan to become either an author or professional artist in the future so I'd be killing to birds with one stone! I would be bettering my skills and helping my family at the same time.

For writing: I can do articles and blogs if that is want you need. Fictional writing is my strong point but I love writing in general nonetheless. I can also edit as well! :)
For art: I've mastered acrylic and watercolor but I mainly paint portraits and birds. They usually tend to be abstract when it comes to watercolor but I can do a more realistic-styled portrait using watercolor as well. I can also draw comic and do digital art.

I love a good challenge so feel free to come up with the wackiest requests! :D

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