Here Are 9 Fun Jobs For 14 Year Olds That Not Only Pay Well...But You Can Do Right From Home

Are there any jobs for 14 year olds to make some extra money other than babysitting or shoveling snow?

As a mom of 4 teen-agers myself (13, 14, 16, & 18)...

I know how frustrating it can be for 14 year olds to make some extra cash.

Especially since you're not legally "old" enough to get a real job. Check out this quick jobs for 14 year olds to make money online in your spare time...

1) Open Up Your Own Online Pet Supply Store

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 households have a pet?

And pet owners spend an average of $150 dollars every month on their precious pets!

I spend almost that on dog food alone for our two dogs!

Do you have kids who Looove dogs or cats?

Would they like to make money selling pet products online?

Kids really get a kick out of having their own website or blog.

And pet related products are hot sellers!

2) Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the best jobs for 14 year olds that pay good money. Make a Quick $75 Per Online Survey Here...

And all you need is a computer and internet connection.

Plus, you can do it right from your bedroom while you're hanging out on Facebook!

Companies pay you to fill out brief surveys, try their products, and even read emails.

They want to pick your brain on what you like and don't like!

It's really a Lot of Fun!

Take this quick survey on Target to get a Free $1,000 gift card Here...

It doesn't cost a dime to sign up and you can start making money right away.

And the best part is kids as young as 13 years old can sign up with parent permission.

But here's a WARNING: Set up a separate email account because you'll start getting an avalanche of spam.

Taking online surveys is a great jobs for 14 year olds to make some extra dough!

You can also make even more money by referring friends. They'll pay you $1 dollar for every friend you send their way.

Now that's what I call making money while you sleep!

3) Develop an Iphone Application

How about a job for 14 year olds developing & selling your own Iphone Application?

Did you know that more people have cell phones than automobiles, credit cards, land-lines, computers or TV Sets combined?

There are 4.6 billion cell phone users in the world. And growing...

Do you have an iPhone yet? Here's how you can get a free Apple iPhone...

And guess what they want...and are willing to buy at the drop of a hat?

Fun applications!

One of the most popular applications is a hilarious "farting" sound that quickly became the top selling must have gag gadget in the App store.

It became the hottest seller in 11 days and made $27,249 in a single day!

Sounds unbelievable, huh?!

So bone up on your programming skills and design your own million dollar application.

But I want to tell you about another little known NEW idea on how to make money putting ads on iPhone applications...

Do you have an iPad yet? Take this quick survey on Apple and get a Free pink iPad Here...

4) Jobs for 14 Year Olds Who Love to Write

This is one of my favorite jobs for 14 year olds!

Do you have kids who are experts at online video games, samuri swords, horses, skateboarding, etc?

Then writing an eBook about that interest or passion could prove to be a great money making 14 year old job.

Not to mention a great way to hone your writing skills!

It could be an eBook about anything from silk painting to comic books to your favorite sports team.

Are you a sports fan?

Get a Free NBA Jersey gift card Here...

If your 14 year old can write at all, live in special locations (tourist areas), or have special knowledge (collecting swords, gold coins, etc), you can write your very own ebook and earn money from it.

Did you know that more electronic books were sold last year than print books? Check out how you can sell your own ebook in 7 days or less...even if you can't spell!

And don't worry, your eBook doesn't have to be extravagantly designed or professionally written, but it must be well organized and readable.

Your first job for your 14 year old is to find a valuable topic that will sell.

By far, saving money and making money are two of the best topics for ebooks.

So why not add the twist in your eBook about how to get the best price when buying collectible swords or how to earn money reselling comic books?

There must be something in your idea that will get people to want to buy your helping them improve their lives or learning something new or useful.

You want a sea of hungry fish ready and wanting what you have to say!

Subjects related to owning a pet are really popular.

5) Party Planner Jobs for 14 Year Olds

How about jobs for 14 year olds that involves parties?

If you love having kids parties and enjoy planning for parties, being a party planner can be an extremely profitable job for a 14 year old.

And who better knows what kids will like at birthday parties than kids themselves?!

You and your kids can give busy parents help by planning the parties and arranging the cake and entertainment, etc., or doing the entertainment yourself.

You can develop theme parties, from Power Rangers, 102 Dalmatians, Black Beauty horses, Teletubbies, Pirates Treasure, and many more.

You can also offer theme menus and sell all the "fixings" for the parties (related to popular children’s characters or themes) in bags that can be ordered from you in advance containing all the decorations, favors, and even game ideas.

You could call it "Birthday Favors in a Box"!

Books on event planning:

The Birthday Party Business : How to Make a Living As a Children's Entertainer by Bruce Fife(Editor)

Life of the Party : A Guide to Building Your Party Plan Business (Fifty-Minute Series) by Betty Bowes

Web Resources:

The Party Works (

6) Cooking Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Have you ever been told that you have a recipe that people would line up to get if they could?

My son Tony makes THE BEST guacamole I've ever eaten! And home-made cherry pie from our own cherry trees!

Or has anyone ever told you that you should be selling those cupcakes or cheesecake you make?

There are a number of success stories about people who have launched successful home based businesses by cooking at home and then marketing to local people first.

You may specialize in on just one well-tried and tested food product; or you may innovate on a product that you created yourself and which has never been marketed before.

Having perfected the recipe you then turn to packaging and marketing.

Word of mouth on a good product may start to get restaurants or bakeries interested in acquiring your culinary masterpieces.

Then you progress to selling them statewide and worldwide on the internet...

Now you're on your way to a profitable home based businesses!

7) Baking Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Can your 14 year old bake a cake? How about not only baking that cake - but decorate it too!

A beautifully decorated cake is often the centerpiece of special occasions such as weddings, first communions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and other special events.

It is the cake decorator's task to transform the cake into a special centerpiece of these occasions.

You must therefore have the skills and artistic flair to decorate cakes, as well as the tools and equipment to help you create and design the cake.

Anyone who celebrates an occasion is your potential customer. To get started, get in touch with such as wedding coordinators, bakeries and party organizers who may be able to include your home based business of cakes in their own services.

Other potential customers include brides and grooms, parents, individuals, and local businesses throwing parties.

8) Cooking Instructor Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Wouldn't kids like it if they took a cooking class given by a teen? This would be a cool job for 14 year olds who get a kick out of cooking...and eating!

If you or your kids are an excellent cook and love to share your love for cooking to others, consider giving cooking lessons.

You could team up with your kids and set up shop in your own kitchen, or offer classes in other location, giving lessons on general cooking techniques or a specialized cuisine such as Italian, vegetarian, desserts, etc.

You must be very knowledgeable about your specialty, and creative in food presentations.

A good sense of humor goes a long way too!

Ramsey puts a cooking instructor's potential income from $30 to $75 per hour.

However, most instructors charge by the class, with the "fee depending on the amount of time, the cost of the classroom and ingredients, and the size of the class."

9) Jobs for 14 Year Olds in Music

The most beautiful wedding music I've ever heard was performed by a threesome (ages 11, 13, & 14) of violinists.

Musician jobs for 14 year olds pays A LOT!

If you can sing or play a musical instrument, you can jumpstart your musical career on weekends by either playing solo or with a group.

Your gigs can include parties, graduations, religious ceremonies, and even weddings.

To get started, monitor the classified ad section of your local newspaper for ads asking to book musicians or to replace members.

Ramsey puts the potential earnings of a new musician to about $5,000 to $15,000 a year working part-time.

Not a bad job for 14 year olds to 18 year olds to rake in the money, eh?!

I've listed 9 jobs for 14 year olds to get you started, but remember, the possibilities are virtually Endless!

Looking for high paying jobs for 14 year olds?

Looking for a jobs for 14 year olds? Tell us what type of job you want - for example: babysitting, tutoring, filling out online surveys, etc!

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grocery store

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Creating facebook pages Not rated yet
I want a job like create a facebook page.Because its a easy way to earn money.

video editing or art Not rated yet
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a well paid job Not rated yet
a job I can do online without having to survey or use credit card or a job I can do close to where I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn new york

farming Not rated yet

online surveys Not rated yet
I want online surveys

Fashion designing Not rated yet
My hobby is to sketch design in house I'm a school student I'm studying in class 8 my age is 14 I like to sketch western and eastern sketches my job …

YES singing and modelling Not rated yet
I want singing and also modelling I have passion on those they are my career though I started singing when I was 9years from the choir I love it,,so please …

Anything Not rated yet
I'm very athletic and hyper so i can possibly do ANYTHING

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emai Not rated yet
i want to tping job with email

Babysitting, washing cars Not rated yet
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singer Not rated yet
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animal shelters

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hi im jade im 14 in june need a job is your ok with me

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Babysitting, other things  Not rated yet
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Help ful facts  Not rated yet
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drawing animals and. people Not rated yet
I would like to sell drawing beacuse im saving for college and my braces

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Mobile unboxing Not rated yet
I want to unbox phones and lapotop and post vedio in youtube

Party planner Not rated yet
Party planner

Library assistance  Not rated yet
Library assistance

ask me for advice on different things Not rated yet
i am 14 years old and i give advise to people who need help (i can handle anyone) if you want to ask some thing you can email me on …

Gaming Not rated yet
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Hey my names Elliot and I'm 14. I'm looking for a job. Anything is fine but tbh I want to do modeling the most. c:

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its hard for me to leave home and work outside so i need to work and get MONEY ONLINE . i am good in arts, i can plan parties, and im really good in convincing …

tutoring Not rated yet
I would really like to help in online tutoring. Im really good in math,and Im in 8th grade and do unique things to help people learn!

All Jobs that hire 14-15 Not rated yet
All Jobs that hire 14-15 years of age

party planer Not rated yet
I want to party plan I have some experiance from my past i'am 14 i'm at school lauffer middle school hear in AZ i have more ideas then ever i"m really …

Music Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Jourdan Walker I'm 14 years old and I want a job that involves music and hip hop dancing with celebrities and making really good money for …

babysitting Not rated yet

Jobs  Not rated yet
I would like to get a job related to bank or tutoring elementary kids or library jobs

Anxious for a job please help ! Anything !! I am 14 years old ! Not rated yet
Hi my name is Starasia . I am 14 years old . I am looking for any kind of job . I just want a little pocket change and to help out thing within my household …

I am 18 year old i like draw mode girll with difrent styal.. Not rated yet
i want to jobe in fashion desgion sketching..

Music career Not rated yet
Hi there, my name is Evans Mulenga am 14 years old. I have been playing music for 10 years am specialised in playing mostly a guitar. Am currently located …

now!times for shopping Not rated yet
hi!i'm anisah my years old 14 years,i'm promote a playing games for children years 5-12,if you want to buy this games don't forget,for visit my web in …

baby sitting baking cooking party planning  Not rated yet
Baby sitting cooking baking party planning acting on tv model

cooking baking or even baby sitting Not rated yet
Cooking baking or even baby sitting

babysitting Not rated yet
I'm Arletta Powell and i'm 14 years old, I would like either a babysitting job, home cleaning, or dog walker or maybe singing even tho i have stage fright …

work in a shop  Not rated yet
I want to work in a shop like Tesco, sports direct and JD. I really need a job for my work experience.

babysitting Not rated yet
well im 14 years old and, very well protected by my parents and or guardians, i love to play around with kids and run around with them also. i have always …


Tutoring little kids Not rated yet
Working at a library

I'm looking for a small Job  Not rated yet
Hi I'm a 14 yer old girl called Mia I am looking for a small job in my local area. I am looking for something like paper rounds/handing out leaflets for …

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Babysitting Not rated yet
I want a babysitting job but I can only do it after school because I need Saturday and Sunday for my homework.

captcha solving job Not rated yet
I want captcha solving job without investment i visited many sites but they haven't job for teenagers I hope you will help me

Anything i can do every thing cook clean babysitting senior care taker Not rated yet
I am 14 years old i live in allentown pennsylvannia i am good with many things you name it i do it cook clean. Babysitting anything my name is natalie …

teaching science Not rated yet
teaching science subject biology even physics...

modelling,singing,acting,dancing,online surveys Not rated yet
umm hello my name is mysti (not really my real name that's just what my friends call me) i am currently 14 years old and i've been looking for a job that …

cashier cleaning job Not rated yet
a good paying cashier job are cleaning job

Online Jobs Not rated yet
I would like to find a good job online or a department store that's around where I live but time starts from 5 pm to 7pm or 8pm because I get out of school …

Baking jobs wanted  Not rated yet
Even if you don't have a job tips for finding one would be greatly appreciated

Babysitter Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Lucy and i am 14 years old. I'm currently doing my GCSE's at school and i am very responsible. I would like to be an art teacher when i …

job for a 14 year old Not rated yet
Babysitting and hotel cleaning I've had many experience just email me at

Article Writer Not rated yet
I am Fathima Farah ( 13 years ).I am a Srilankan . Please give me a chance to earn money through writing articles. And please tell me on what should the …

get payed to play video games Not rated yet
Love them and I could rate them for you

WRITING Not rated yet
i want a 3000 rs plus job because i m little poor and my name is ayan sayyed and i am in 9th standard and i want some online job like writing online etc …

Anything Not rated yet
We can dance Rap we even have a crew I.C.B so if u need us call me 0760427722

babysitting  Not rated yet

Self storage  Not rated yet
A job that will have cash register and self storage

Computer Not rated yet
Computer stuff like making video games and designing them or helping them be made

Baking, basically anything  Not rated yet
I am a very good baker and also I cook well. I jut basically need something that pays well. I'll even do online surveys.

Game tester  Not rated yet
I want to become a part time game tester

Involving Writing Not rated yet
Very experienced in professionally writing. Attended writing workshops in New York as well as won several writing contests in my area. Willing to write …

Online  Not rated yet
Jobs high paid for 14 year olds online.

Bakery  Not rated yet
Baking at bakery's

taking online survey or write blogs and stuff Not rated yet
my name is rebekah and i live in malaysia I'm kinda in need for some money as i'm going oversea to study and u know the difference between malaysian ringgit …

Recording studio in Hong Kong Not rated yet
I'm 17 years old almost 18 and need a job to help get back 3400 HKD in less than 2 months. I love singing and helping out and I have one more year at …

Video Game related. Not rated yet
Im a video gamer , so im interested in jobs like writing game reviews , rating some games and stuff like that , i play on a i'll be writing reviews …

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Singing and/or Writing Not rated yet
Hey I'm Missy and I'm 14 (15 in December). I'm looking for either a singing job (maybe for a youtube video to avoid copyright strikes or something along …

Babysitting Not rated yet
I am expierienced with children as i have babysat for my family before now with children between 6months and 7 years. I know cpr as i have learnt this …

Absolutely anythin Not rated yet
Im experienced in many things that i can offer and when i dont have experience in something i put my all into getting it right and almost never fail. If …

Babysitting Not rated yet
Hi! I'm Kashish and I would love a babysitting job. Im 14 and I take really good care of children. I would be willing to change diapers, feed, bathe, and …

Newspaper delivery  Not rated yet
Newspapers delivery

No particular one Not rated yet
hi my names irsa i'm 14,I am looking for a part time job for the summer,i'm very responsible and helpful. I have experience with children as i have a little …

Babysitting cleaning walking dogs  Not rated yet
Office moving babysitting walking dogs cleaning

babysitter , tutor  Not rated yet
i am a 14 year old girl who is very caring and loving and will take very good care of your kids.

singing, acting and dancing Not rated yet
I would to be a musician like Ariana Grande. I am 14 years old, I was born in London, United Kingdom. I can also dance and act. I will to act in Disney …

online/offline typing jobs  Not rated yet
I don't know why but I love typing and also very good at it. That's why I want such type of jobs. It will be even better if the job is for under-age people …

Kids Party Planner Not rated yet
My name is Jade Ralphs I am 14 years old and I am children's party planner. I live in Baddeley Green and charge £10 to plan and organise your child's party. …

them two Not rated yet
Online surveys and iPhone application

jobs for 14 years old in music Not rated yet
i want to post all the old music in certain web page which is very popular as people can again listen the old music

model, dancer, actor, babysitting, cosmetologist, and fashion designer Not rated yet
I really want to be a model or dancer!

filling out online surveys Not rated yet
filling out online surveys

babysitting Not rated yet
The type of job I want is to babysit,only because it is the easiest job to do , and i am experienced in doing so.

Creating wallpaper and backgrounds Not rated yet
I want to design wallpapers or backgrounds

Online Surveys Not rated yet
I want a job for 2 hours at computer and internet to fill out surveys.

Really anything  Not rated yet
My name is Kita Powell. I am 14 years old and I am looking for a job so I can help my mom with everything. I was looking for more online jobs.( booking …

Computer, Any, Fire Rescue Training, ETC Not rated yet
Im 14 9 Months Of Age And Looking For A Job Like Above^^^

baby sitting or cleaning a house Not rated yet
I would like to do baby sitting i dont care for the amont of money and i can watch at my house or i could go to thier and or i can clean a and still …

Work in JD Not rated yet
I would like to work in jd because I like meeting new people and I like to help others

Babysitting/Cleaning/Dog Walking Not rated yet
My name is Brianna, I am 14 years old. I love kids a lot & actually like babysitting. Being around kids lighten up my day & there presence makes me happy. …

Labeling jobs Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and i like to label school supplies

Dyllan; looking for a job; babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, party planner, anything.  Not rated yet
I am 12, but I am VERY mature for my age. I have all straight A's, I'm looking for a summer job, or even when school is starting. Most likely in the southern …

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news paper delivery Not rated yet
News paper delivery boy

Creating Facebook pages, creating Twitter pages, and creating Instagram pages. Not rated yet
Hello, my name is Joseph Santiago. I am looking for a job on the Internet because other jobs don't offer a job to people my age in the United States. …

Anything animals! Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Angel and I absolutely love animals of all types! I just turned 14 in February. I have several animals (Snakes, a bearded dragon, cats, …

Triniti Schell's Job Submission Not rated yet
Well I would really like a job so I can have my own money in my pocket. I'm highly intelligent and love to bake/cook, write, and tutor. I wouldn't mind …

Triniti Schell's Job Submission Not rated yet
Well I would really like a job so I can have my own money in my pocket. I'm highly intelligent and love to bake/cook, write, and tutor. I wouldn't mind …

Babysitting Not rated yet

Online job  Not rated yet
I want like a jobs that pays a lot of money and an hourly wage

house sitting and taking care of dogs Not rated yet
House sitting

Clothes store Not rated yet
A high paying job for the whole summer

Babysitting Not rated yet
i want to do this because I am responsible and great with kids and I have nothing else to do and I want to just babysit

Tutoring,babysitting,cooking Not rated yet
Things thats going to give us a high paying jobs

music jobs Not rated yet
I am looking for a job that is musical. I have a passion for music and i am really serious about earning some money for vacation.

I want to write short story not only to earn money but also to give moral to those who read my story.By the way my name is Humais m Yusuf.I am from Pakistan …

Fun, comfortable, and well paying Not rated yet
My name is Kaylin, I am located in Chicago, Illinois; and I am 14 years old. I am on my way to high school, I graduate 8th grade in a few days. The reasons …

Cooking learning athletic party planner  Not rated yet
Teach people to cook or plan parties or show people athletics and all that teaching them how to learn

Pet sitting, babysitting, on-line surveys. Any restaurant job Not rated yet
I would love to find a job trying almost anything to earn extra cash. My parents immigrated to Canada 5 years ago and are still struggling with money. …

I loves to write inspiring things Not rated yet
I want writing kind of job like books,thoughts etc

act,cast,movies,model,clothes store,gym,fast food,big brand...... Not rated yet
hi im Agnes im 14yrs old I will list the jobs I want 1-12 acting, casting on movies, modelling ,theatre plays,clothing store, gym, fitness centre, fast …

online surveys Not rated yet
Online surveys

taking care of pets and baby's  Not rated yet
I want to walk peoples dogs groom them feed them and everything,take care of baby's babysit, for money.please help me I need money Gmail: …

baking and decorating job Not rated yet
Something like baking and decorating I need this job to help my parent because my dad just got fired and I want to help by working

Jobs Not rated yet
Babysitting,serving food,stacking shelves,hairdresser cleaner,dog walking

Horses Not rated yet
Hello.I'm 14 years old, my name is Sierra , I live in Greenville, Pa. And I have horses of my own, but they obviously aren't cheap... So, i'd like to …

Working with animals or kids Not rated yet
Would love to work with animals andand/or kids. Would love to spend my time with them both. I'm very good with little kids I'm very outgoing and very nice. …

stocking at stores/fast foods Not rated yet
I want to be the one, that stocks the stuff in the stores.

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clothes,fashion,art,music or acting Not rated yet
I want a job involving clothes,fashion,art,music or acting.You see the reason behind me choosing the first thwo categories above which are clothes and …

Singing/Writing/Math Tutor Not rated yet
Hello, I love to sing and write but if you have any kids from grade K-7 I will be more than happy to tutor them in math. I would like it if it was around …

photography i.e photos of flowers  Not rated yet
People who want pic's of flowers of varieties taken at our surrounding.

photography i.e photos of flowers  Not rated yet
People who want pic's of flowers of varieties taken at our surrounding.

Musician , Party planner ,Baking  Not rated yet
Hi my name is Mariah Ham. I am best at music , I have played at school of rock for 3 years and played violin for 4 years. I also love to bake food like …

Musician , Party planner ,Baking  Not rated yet
Hi my name is Mariah Ham. I am best at music , I have played at school of rock for 3 years and played violin for 4 years. I also love to bake food like …

creating pages Not rated yet
I want to make pages in facebook or writing an articles

dog sitting cleaning filling out onling surveys singing Not rated yet
I would like a job in dog sitting because I really like dogs and used to have 2 when I was younger. I would also like a job In cleaning or filling out …

Styling People Not rated yet
Styling jobs. Jobs where we can find out what the person likes and dislikes and go and find somethings we think would look good on that person. There are …

Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Babysitting  Not rated yet
My name is Kimberly. I'm 13 I will be 14 June 1st 2015. I really want to be a singer and sing a local events. I'm in choir and I dance. I act and model …

something online Not rated yet
I wouldn't mind having to do something online from home this summer, I mean its something to do, ha. Babysitting sounds fun to have a little cash in my …

Jobs for 14 year olds in music Not rated yet
I want singing jobs because i love to sing i write my own music and love to get it out to the world.....Thankyou

babysitting Not rated yet
I'm 14 about to be 15 I have experience taking care of my sister one which is 2 years and another one that is about 5 months I also toke care of 7 years …

doing ppt Not rated yet
i am adarsh and i want do earn money

filling out online surveys Not rated yet
im looking for a job where i can still do my school work and get payed really well i live Eleuthera,The Bahamas,palmetto point,bank's road telephone #is …

Babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting Cooking Dancing Factories Post Office Car rentals

Singing Not rated yet
I want a job to do with singing

You need a baker.? Not rated yet
Hi my name is Alexandra and I'm 14 years old, I love to bake and I love animals and I love cooking and I would like to earn my own money because I want …

Computer Not rated yet
IT jobs Babysitting Online jobs

babysittin .? Not rated yet
Something i can get extra money ,bc im struggling right now and I could work anywhere .

artistic Not rated yet
Iwnat a job using paint or beads and artistic designs or sewing

babysitting Not rated yet
My name is marissa. I go by Rissa. I am turning 14 in September. I am looking for a good part time job as a babysitter. I cook, clean and I am great with …

babysitting Not rated yet
I want to be a babysitter .I love little kids because I'm also little kid at heart . little kids are really fun to me and babies nowadays are really smart …

Modeling or anything  Not rated yet
Hey My name is Audrey . I'm 14 will be 15 in June I have always been told I could be a model Because of my facile features && my hight in 5'7

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Selling Not rated yet
Workin at a golf course at least £5 an hour, selling good products to the public I am very good at this! Email me if you have a vacant job with decent …

yes Not rated yet

Home Jobs Not rated yet
Home Jobs for 14 year olds, and or helpful advice free. I would hope to get a job that wouldn't require transportation since of course I do have my …

retail  Not rated yet
I need something to over the summer, i heard retail was kind of simple

Washing and waxing Not rated yet
I would like to wash and wax because I would like to make people feel very happy and that would help me be very happy too because I am helping people a …

boys and girls club Not rated yet
i want a job when i can have fun and work at the same. I really want to make about 200 dollars. I want to work with little kids and the hours i want to …

babysitting  Not rated yet
stocking at stores or babysitting

dishwasher or house cleaner Not rated yet
i can wash dishes or clean your house

Customer service, Stocking etc. Not rated yet
I just want a job that pays well and has flexible hours

dog walker Not rated yet
she really loves dogs and animals she has a beagle and alot of time she loves running jogging and walking alot shes very energetic

party planner Not rated yet
any birthday party should do

babysitting Not rated yet
i would love to baby sit because i love chrildern

artist, modeling Not rated yet
Hey! I'm Shelby Curtis I am 13 and in the 8th grade I am 5'8 and I've always loved art, all of my work has been in the art show recently and I've even …

animals Not rated yet
I would love yo work with animal care... for example, a pet store or working as an assistant for someone like an artist or teacher. Im not looking for …

night stocker or cashier Not rated yet
well im a very hard worker and very dedicated and devoted .

Gaming Articles! Not rated yet
Hey, My name is Eesa Khan and I would love to write gaming articles for any website. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy playing games. It would be amazing …

Filling Out Online Surveys Not rated yet
Filling out online surveys, Writing,Creating an application

kendra kennerdy Not rated yet
animated job

baby sitting Not rated yet
I am almost 13 and in 7th grade and I need to start learning the process of jobs and money

pet job Not rated yet
Anything to do with animals whether its babysitting ur pet,feeding it,taking it for a walk...I just love to be with all animals

divergent Not rated yet
clothes designing

babysitting Not rated yet
Pet sitting or even babysitting

Any type of job which is easy for me Not rated yet
Any type of job which is easy for me

making recycled materials Not rated yet
I'm Darlene. I lived in the country of Philippines. And I just want recycling materials because this is so much fun! I'll make things that are not used …

tanaja ford jobs Not rated yet
Pary planning,baby sitting, and in music preforming

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retail  Not rated yet
I want to work in a retail store like H&M forever 21 and stuff like that

music Not rated yet
A 14 years old music i love tomusic it inspires me. I can play many instruments i can sing n many more. My favorite imstrument is an guitar i have ine …

Creating blogs & Writing articles Not rated yet
My name is Tara, I am 13 years old and I have always wanted to do something to do with writing. I love to read and that is what inspired me, every time …

helping with anything simple Not rated yet
Tutoring,helping in a warehouse,helping in a restaurant

Any job Not rated yet
Any job that pays good money so i can help my grandmother out

creating pages or Open Up Your Own Online Pet Supply Store Not rated yet
My name is AhmedMostafa.Iam 15 years old, I am from Egypt. I want to gain some money so I could buy a new cell phone and a dirt bike. I would like to work …

MUSICIAN Not rated yet
I am a 14 year old girl who has an exceptional talent in playing the piano. People adore how skilled my playing skills are and I have recently begun composing …

babysitting, modeling, filling out online surveys, art type of jobs, organizing, online jobs, writing, makeup, pet sitting, nanny. Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Akasia and I am 14. I need a job so I can earn money for myself and to be able to move out when I'm 15. Since I was five I have always dreamed …

animals Not rated yet
I want to work with animals and get paid for it I like zoos or I could work at a natural science center but I like to do thing with animals I would like …

tips to develop companies at online Not rated yet
with paying anything for free at now after cut in salary working hours 8.30 to 10.00 pm if salary less also we can adjust like rs.200 for month that like …

video game testing or video game writer or customer service  Not rated yet
I would really like to work with people that deal with videogames or writing about them. I also need a job that pays alot, not to mention that I can surprise …

a acting job Not rated yet
I'm a 14year old kid who lives in gauteng heiderlberg I want a job of acting or singing but if I'm singing I need somebody to write my lyrics I want the …

I want to do something in one month that will make a couple hundred dollars for my family, preferably something i can do at homeon my computer Not rated yet
My family will be getting shut down on electricity and gas soon and we need money soon. We have one month to figure it out. I am 14 years old. I am an …

Tutoring for little kids Not rated yet
Little kids tutoring job

Game maker/ tester, Marketing consultant, Website reviewer, Journalist Not rated yet
I am a young, ambitious 13 year old who is looking for a job to earn a large sum of money to develop my business and make it grow to a minimum of being …

party planer job Not rated yet
Party planer job

Mechanics Not rated yet
Me and my friend want to work on cars and that

writer Not rated yet
I love writing, so i'd like maybe an online writing job if thats even possible.

Actress. Music. career  Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Sykketa I would like to pursue my music career or artress career Please email me at Thank you so much in advance, …

news editor Not rated yet
i want be a news editor in 14, i think it`s simple

game design Not rated yet
Why don't you guys have a game designing job or a job for pitching video game ideas, seriously you should think about it, because who are the only group …

Online Surveys Not rated yet
Hi,my name is Brianna. I'm just looking to get some extra money so that I can start saving. I plan to be able to move when I am 18, but I obviously can't …

babysitting/dogsitting/etc Not rated yet
My name is kathy ramirez im 14 years old i live in inman, sc 29349. And im looking for any job for example: babysitting, dog sitting, baking. And i am …

Kevonna davis Not rated yet

pet sitting Not rated yet
Hey my name is Paqusinrain Sampson and I want to earn money pet sitting to pay my own phone bill and buy my own clothes and be responsible for my self …

Tutoring, Babysitting Not rated yet
Tutoring kids in subjects at school and/or music lessons Babysitting kids

Babysitting  Not rated yet
I would want a babysitting job because I am really good with kids and I would like to help my parents out , I would like to make $10 an hour for watching …

Anything! Not rated yet
I am opening to anything and everything! Just want a bit of cash!:)

petsitting ,babysitting, plantcare or dogwalking , only on weekends or vacations  Not rated yet
I am a 13 year old boy and I would like to make some money. The type of job I want is looking after a pet or cleaning up after them or taking care of …

pretty much anything Not rated yet
Babysitting,working in a cafe,petsitting,house cleaning,pretty much anything

babysitting Not rated yet

Job wanted Not rated yet
I prefer jobs like online jobs n typing letters and mailing it by staying at home because I am studying at school and one of best student in the. class(firstclass) …

Babysitter Not rated yet
I want a babysitting job , but at a day care. I want it to be a part-time because i go to school & i hope the job pays well

Anything in Computer Not rated yet
I want a jobs Anything In Computer like Preparing PPT Presentation, Creating Webpages Using HTML(with the help of Softwares),etc.

making cartoons,fashion deshining,acting,modelling,advertising,all rounder Not rated yet
I am a very positive and talented girl...i luv to make cartoons evn i cn draw better thn real cartoonist... my name is amrita and i can draw cartoons for …

music or drama Not rated yet
any thing that will get me good money coz im desperate and need it fast will go in shops acting or singing any thing t oget me ,money for my band cannot …

music or drama Not rated yet
any thing that will get me good money coz im desperate and need it fast will go in shops acting or singing any thing t oget me ,money for my band cannot …

Party planner Not rated yet
I want a job that pays $20 every hour

online jobs Not rated yet
online jobs

5) Party Planner Jobs for 14 Year Olds Not rated yet
movie testing

drum tuting for young kids Not rated yet
teaching young kids how to play the drums

Babysitting and Music Not rated yet
I love music. I play the piano, (I've been playing for about 5-6 years.) I play the alto sax and the bari sax. I love children. :) I would prefer children …

EVENT RECORDER Not rated yet
Hi im 14 and my name is Trevor and i am looking for a job that i can record birthdays or weddings even just normal parties ect. I have this thousand dollar …

modeling, babysitting, acting, dog walking,  Not rated yet
my name is angel i am 14 years old and im looking for a job, it includes modelling ( i think im pretty decent looking) , or babysitting( im very friendly …

I want to model Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Tori, and I'm interested in modeling. Everyone has always told me i look like Lucy Hale, and I should really model. I'm 14, and have no …

I want to model Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Tori, and I'm interested in modeling. Everyone has always told me i look like Lucy Hale, and I should really model. I'm 14, and have no …

takeing online survey Not rated yet
Im wanting a job to take online surveys.I have the time and wanting to gather some money to help my mother out financially.I have four other …

Jobs I would like : Online jobs, not online jobs( Consider outdoors) , stay home job .. Not rated yet
My name is Kanong, I am 13 years old and would like a job that doesn't consider much of driving to places because I cant be transported to places easily …

Modelling Not rated yet
Hi im Chloe, i am 14 nearly 15, and i have been interested in modelling for quite some time now, i love to pose for the camera. If you are interested in …

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Make apps for Android Not rated yet
I want to make an app for Android users.I want to make which helps people to design their own house plan.

Need a job urgently!!!!!  Not rated yet
Singer, writer, blogger, surveys, card maker

Need a job urgently!!!!!  Not rated yet
Singer, writer, blogger, surveys, card maker

Acting Not rated yet

walk dog  Not rated yet
walk dog are babysitte are deliver newspaper are house cleaning

party planners Not rated yet
Party planner and babysitting

party planners Not rated yet
Party planner and babysitting

Job wanted for 14 teen year old Not rated yet
Secretary, blogging , singer

Online surveys ,babysitting Not rated yet
I'm 14 turning 15 as long as I have a part time job I'm cool with it:) on holidays I can do full time jobs x I can do cleaning,babysitting,petsitting,cooking- …

anything that will give moeney Not rated yet
Please.. my mom doesnt have enough money to buy me new clothes so if i can earn my own money i can buy my own clothes! :(

singing Not rated yet

singing Not rated yet
i want to become a singer

Design holiday,birthday cards Not rated yet
My name is Ashmita,I'm 11 years old and I really want a job.I like to Draw,Paint,Design holiday,birthday cards.I want a job like,To design holiday,birthday …

Gregory Gentle Not rated yet
Any Job Paying

planning or helping others , babysitting if so.... Not rated yet
I want to be wedding planner when I am older but I want a easy job because I am still in school I am 14 and am in year 10 my school time finishes at 3.00 …

partyplanner,cooking.bakeing, cooking insructor,and babysitting Not rated yet
see I know im 13 but I can really plan a party very well cooking is also easy to me but I can only cook the basic and the cooking instructor im great …

Anything that is online Not rated yet
My name is Jessica and I'm really hoping to find something that will help me raise money for my family. I'm willing to do pretty much anything and I am …

online surveys Not rated yet
Online surveys

photographer Not rated yet
14 female aspiring photographer, I would like to find some models for some ideas I have planned. I get good reviews from people on my photos. I take pictures …

online survey Not rated yet
what i want is online survey or answer questions or manual labor

singer Not rated yet
Hello my name is hannah liderth im studying GCSE music and it has been a life long dream to become a singer im a serprano and love songs from musicals …

game testing Not rated yet
Hi im gage i wanna EARN my money from testing/producing video games

Interior and Furniture design, Fashion design, Fine Arts drawing, etc Not rated yet
Hi, I'm a 13 years old girl, almost 14. I can draw furniture and interior drawing in perspective. I also can draw fashionable clothes and shoes, in anime …

online survey Not rated yet
for a 14year old I want a job like to help the sick and to be a p.a or be a gardener

Fashion designing job Not rated yet
Hi! I m Ipshita Im from kolkata, India. I want to become a fashion designer. i can draw very well. i want to create clothes and sell them but i don't know …

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modeling Not rated yet
I would like too modelim good at posing and can stay with a straight face and be focuse. I've had a couple experiences with modeling. I just need a good …

Music Not rated yet
I want to either write an ebook or do something in music

Babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting tutoring

babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting and/or dog walking

Pet caring Not rated yet
I would like a job watching over peoples lovly animals. I love animals, When I get older I wanna be a veternarian. No, in fact Im going to become a veternarian. …

housecleaning Not rated yet
Do you need help writing a story or a paragraph just give me a message and if you need help with any school stuff give a message …

Babysitting, Cleaning, Tutoring, Pet Sitting, Car Washing etc. Not rated yet
My friend and I are two fourteen year old girls looking for jobs we can do to earn money before February. We will do everything we need, to earn the money! …

helping animals or babysitting Not rated yet
i love animals and i would walk it, feed it, clean it, and take good care of it. I'm good at watching kid, we would have so much fun. Like playing games, …

tutor Not rated yet
I am fatima kim r.holgado from philippines. I am 12 years old. I want a job that have a lot or many allowance because i need it. I can teach a child 5 …

Babysitting, Cleaning, Cooking, anthing really except for tutoring Not rated yet
I'm not a perfect person when it comes to jobs but I try my best. I'm a hard worker and I'm a fast learner. I try to learn new things based on my experiences …

Store Helper, Plus Sized Model, Debator Not rated yet
Hello. This is the girl from before. I'm also looking for a job (online or not) that fits in the three catagories (store helper, plus sized model, or debator) …

cashier,odd jobs,TUTORING,other jobs Not rated yet
i will works as a cashier when i can but mostly want to tutor student in middle school or elementy i am in the 9th grad i will also to odd jobs and al …

tutoring  Not rated yet
it is a job where parents bring therir kids to me under 14 years old at my apartment and have to pick thm up or if they live close by i can walk the jobs …

money making jobs Not rated yet
Know more about me Hi my name is Ajinkya mahalle.I live in India.As I'm a teenager l am very small for a job .I want a mobile …

i want to writting rap Not rated yet
i want to writting rap and earn money i ma from india delhi

LIKE PPT MAKING Not rated yet

a tutoring job Not rated yet
I want to tutor kids because I'm very smart and I am a A honor roll student already looking for a college and I think I should get this job not only to …

anything to with sports, websire making or baby sitting Not rated yet
i love playing sports, making website and love little children i need an extra bit of money. i have been searching for ages any good sites.

artist Not rated yet
im a artist very good with little kids love making people happy good at getting people to come out of there shell

tv dancing!! Not rated yet
i prefer freestyle hip hop. i can sing ok but i want to be on tv. my stage name craterz im 13 yeah buddy

tv dancing!! Not rated yet
i prefer freestyle hip hop. i can sing ok but i want to be on tv. my stage name craterz im 13 yeah buddy

modeling Not rated yet
Modeling or sing or dance

writing story Not rated yet

story writing Not rated yet
story writing

14 year olds in music Not rated yet
Jobs for 14 year olds in music

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online surveys Not rated yet
I need the money really bad. I need a easy way to make it, so I decided to try online surveys

PIZZA MAKER Not rated yet

14 Year old Artist Not rated yet
My name is Hunter Tinker and I love to make art to sell. One problem is, I need people to buy my art. I use acrylics on canvas, and paint Abstracts. …

clothing Not rated yet
I wold like a job where I can try on very high price clothes while they snap pictures and I can keep the clothing if I want and get payed at a great price …

I want to have a job at writing magazine articles, anything that includes writing Not rated yet
Hello reader! I'm Gian Samonte and I really want to write for money, I'll accept any offer that is reasonable, but I have to inform you guys that the only …

bakeing/baby sitting Not rated yet
hello my name is Destiny Bell i love kids so much:)i am 14 im avable anytime after 4 on weekdays and all day on weekends i also can take care of them i …

tutoring English, writing articles, and making facebook pages Not rated yet
I just want to write, read or make anything that is in English and those that includes the internet. I'm always free at 7 to 10 p.m. Philippines time

Want to work In either a hairdressers, bakery, cafe or retail  Not rated yet
I am 14 and looking for a job. I live in York UK. I would like to work in a cafe, bakery or hairdressers most of all. I do not mind what this involves …

Video game testing Not rated yet
Video game testing

Video game testing Not rated yet
Video game testing

tutoring Not rated yet
I am a grade 9 educated student who loves working with students in the GTA

jobs for 14 year olds in music Not rated yet
jobs for 14 year olds in music

at home jobs that pay  Not rated yet
designer interior designer publisher

at home jobs that pay  Not rated yet
designer interior designer publisher

filling out online surveys Not rated yet
2) Take Online Surveys

Waitress Not rated yet
Im looking for a job that pays at least £10-£25 a day. I'm aalso looking for a job that starts at 16:45 and finishes at 18:45 at the latest. In Romford …

Waitressing, Babysitting, Party Planning, Dog Walking Not rated yet
I would either like to be a waitress, babysit kids, plan kids parties or walk dogs

babysitting, tutoring, cleaning, music teaching/playing Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Sasha, I am 14 going on 15 and I would say I am up for anything- but I am interested in: -babysitting: reference on request and I am very …

onlin Not rated yet
Online surveys

babysitting  Not rated yet
I would like to work a job for babysitting I do a lot of fun thing I know how to cook food and I can put the kids to bed and I read bed time story ad I …

Writing articles, Photography Not rated yet
I would like to help people sell things I'm in grade 8 and am great in English exceeding my grade and grade 9 and i find it fun so i wouldn't mind anything …

Babysitting, Tutoring Younger Kids, And Pet Sitting Not rated yet
Hi my name is Cha'yana and I am 14 years old (well until October). I am looking for a job in Newark, Delaware as a babysitter, pet sitter, or a tutor. …

dog walking/dog care Not rated yet
I really need a job and i love animals mostly dogs so i would really like a job that id love to do.

i want a baby sitting job or something with horses or little kids  Not rated yet
i love to work with little kids and i love horses i love to baby sit i really would take any job im 13 almost 14 i am located in weiser idaho and i need …

Babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting, Snow Cone Machine , Tutoring , Work At Summer Camp.

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music Not rated yet
I want to either do music gigs or party planning. I a great singer and a great party planner so its really hard to choose.

any online jobs Not rated yet
any online job that pays alot

Music Jobs, Cashiers Not rated yet
I would like a job that pays good so that I could support my family. My mom (Quintasha Swanson)works 2 jobs as a Teacher and a gym coordinator and I would …

Writing stories Not rated yet
Hello, I am Johnny Rishmawi, I am 14 years old, I would love to write stories on your website, most teachers are shocked or impressed at my English skills …

Baby sitting, pet sitting, horse work, dog grooming, dog walking. Not rated yet
I love animals and want to work with them, I am wonderful with horses and most other animals. I am very patient and calm love animals who are commonly …

Baby sitting, pet sitting, horse work, dog grooming, dog walking. Not rated yet
I love animals and want to work with them, I am wonderful with horses and most other animals. I am very patient and calm love animals who are commonly …

my teen job wanted is either to do clothes endorsement, creating, modeling, acting assistance, designing, makeup or art  Not rated yet
Hi my name is racquel henry im 15 year old. I find it hard to see what I want and cant get it, because I dont have the money, seeing my mom struggling …

Party planner Not rated yet
Party planner

Video game testing Not rated yet
I would like to be paid to test video games and do this at home

Taking care of dogs {Training} Not rated yet
Hi , I'm 14 years old my name is Sarah i have a dog of my own I've been training her since i was 9 I'm very good at it .I love Animals , I've been growing …

volleyball ball lesson or online survey Not rated yet
aye! im aysha and anything can really work suck as; sports lesson online surveys anything that we like that we might be interested in and actually …

Babysitting, or stocking shelfs Not rated yet
Hi my name is Kyann and I'm looking for a job between babysitting or stocking shelfs if you have any openings please email me at I promise …

raking leafs, shoveling snow Not rated yet
I love helping people.

Check me out below, please! Not rated yet
Im looking for an online jobs because im involved in alot of sports so it would be hard to be places. I'm not looking for a specific job. I'm really open …

Well Paid Job and A weekend Jobs Not rated yet
I'm 14 years old and I am looking for a well paid job, so i can save up for a school trip to Barcelona and I am an A* student in English, Science, Maths …

online jobs that pays monthly Not rated yet
online jobs that pays monthly with a minimum of$10 a month.

a rapper Not rated yet
I want to be a professional rapper . hi my name is JD Cooper. I am a songwriter and a soon to be rapper . I am 14 years old and wants to get noticed for …

babysitting Not rated yet
hey, my name is Heaven Williams and I am 13 about to be 14 in April I'm looking for a babysitting jobs that pays well please give me a call at (323)-982-5097 …

Writing articles Not rated yet
My name is Duaas Saini. I am 13 year old . I live in India i want a job . I can write articles on many things. I cannot work all the time so, I can write …

music Not rated yet
i need a job make a lil money

Jake brindle Not rated yet
The job I would like is a minimum wage salary Saturday job from the hours between 10am-7pm

tutoring Not rated yet
my name is Michelle and i am a drama teacher at my local church and i am very good in many subject such as english and many things.if your child is struggling …

easy working jobs with less stress Not rated yet
a job with less stress and jobs dats we can do in our leisure time so that we can have some relax

Pet Anything!!! Not rated yet
I LOVE pets! I have 4 of my own not including smaller pets including hermit crabs and ect... I don't know what type of jobs I could do for pet's. Like …

Home job Not rated yet
Writing story's

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Babysitting Job Not rated yet
I would like to babysit for some extra money. I am very good with children, I am personally better with younger kids. Kids from age range 0-12 months im …

Work at Home ... Reading Emails , Handeling Emailing Campaigns, Taking Online Surveys, and Photography Not rated yet
Hello my name is Jada, I am looking for a well paying job. I want a job that I can work a home. A job possibly taking online surveys, reading emails, handeling …

delivery boy Not rated yet
I want earn some money for my family because we have a hard time with stuff.

Filling Not rated yet
hello I want a job that I can stay home and do it because I am a school I am only turning 14 so I love to have job t.hat I can make money and my school. …

cleaning, babysitting, cooking anything ..  Not rated yet
i will do anything like cooking, babysitting, cleaning anything use want

BabySitting Not rated yet

Take Online Surveys Not rated yet
Taking Surveys Or Party Planner

I thike creating Social Network Pages and quick and easy surveys Not rated yet
My name is Hannah and I am turning 13 in about a month and I am looking for a quick and easy job or creative job that offers enough money for me to buy …

cook, babysit, fashion or dance Not rated yet
I want to be to be a choreographer. I love to dance and teaching kids 7-11 for $5 a day will just make it better. I enjoy hiphop and r&b. I am open to …

ms access job through internet Not rated yet
Ms access job for through internet

baby sitting, cleaning, cooking  Not rated yet
my names Zoe I am fourteen years old and I am hoping to make some extra cash i can cook, clean and I have some experience in baby sitting as well and …

party planer Not rated yet
Party planer job for 14 year old

Anything Might Do Not rated yet
I am looking for some kind of job that I can do at home! A job for something legitament and actually legal is what I'm trying to find. If any fun and easy …

writing songs Not rated yet
writing raps and songs

Party Planning Not rated yet
I'm very organized so a job in party planning would be amazing.

babbysitting watricing Not rated yet
babysitting waittriceing

Photography  Not rated yet
I would really like a job in photography more tan anything. I love it. I always feel so happy when. I am taking photos, trying all the different angles …

Children or writing Not rated yet
My name is Ella, and I have a couple of skills that I would love to put to good use. The first and most useful skill of mine is with children. From babies …

writting passages that explains and educate on political,economical and social matters Not rated yet
hello am Abubakary from Tanzani,i would like to get paid for writting passages that explains and educate on political,social and economical matters.these …

anything Not rated yet
babysitting planning organizing

cleaning mowing shuvuling ect. Not rated yet
I would like to shovel snow mow lawns rake i basicallly wann do all sorts of yardwork

Art and design Not rated yet
I'm 14 and have only had small jobs ,which pay a good amount, but only when people go on holiday so I can feed their pets for money. Even though I'm young, …

Babysitting or petsitting Not rated yet
I love babys and pets all kind of animmals reptiles too not gross of any and i love kids itake care of some too but not making enough so i want to take …

internet Not rated yet
is a legitimate job so that i dont get srewed

jobs Not rated yet
I would like a job as a reviewer for video games and movies. I also like to cook. I could also use a job where i could be a radio personality.

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dancing coach Not rated yet
i wnat to be an dancing coaches i really want to be a doctor.

Drummer Not rated yet
I prefer to be involved with the musical background but i am willing to do anything really.

Survey Filling and Saxophone Player Not rated yet
UM, HI i live in jamaica and i would like to fill out surveys that pays or get a asaxophone gigs

Jobs  Not rated yet
What Ashley Wants Hi, My name is Ashley Jaggon and I have been looking for a away to earn money whether in the comforte of my …

singer/photographer Not rated yet
My name is Tiara .S. Nunes,I am 14 years old.My dream is to become a world famous singer.Ever since I was three years of age singing was my passion, …

babysitting Not rated yet
I'm 14 and I love to work with younger children. It would be great if I could babysit. I babysit my younger cousins and want to get involved with babysitting …

babysitting Not rated yet
I am 14 year old who loves kids. i would love to babysit after-school and near my area which is in Tampa,FL. I am a very enthusiastic person.TRUST ME …

waiter,casher... Not rated yet
easy ,happy,get paid by in restoren,cafe,book store...

Pet sitting, babysitter, tutor Not rated yet
Hia, I'm 13 years old I will be 14 October 12. I'm a very happy person. I'm very smart and enthusiastic. I like running, swimming, helping people, and …

Writing Not rated yet
In my free time I'm writing a book, how do I publish my book and get people to buy it?

Baby Siting / Pet Siting Not rated yet
i want baby siting , pet siting , or just taking care of kids . also cleaning. 14 year olds may be young but they can still work old , and are worthy of …

anything Not rated yet
he wants a job were he can meet new people like at a pet store or at a camp please help

musical jobs Not rated yet
I would like to have a job as a drummer. My name is Cj Moore and i played the drums for many years please accept this opportunity

cooking,pet services,tutoring Not rated yet
just a suitable job for me after school timings with a suitable incoming which could support my family I needed a job badly for my family support

need help with your horse Not rated yet
I have been around horses for nearly my whole life! I am 14 years old and can help you feed, look after or muck out stalls, I can do anything that you …

any job, like moving things or anything i can do. Not rated yet
I want any job (nothing illegal) just to earn some cash, I am much stronger than most 14 year olds. Bench press - 150 + lbs Dead lift - 200+ lbs ( …

Any jobs to practice mechanical engineering? Not rated yet
Ever since I was as small as I could remember, all I remember doing is breaking things apart to see how they work, then re-assembling them. I feel like …

I wanted lawn service job because love mower grass.  Not rated yet
I like to do lawn services cause love to cut grass. I use cut my uncle

online surveys Not rated yet
mail delivery newspaper delivery video game tester online surveys

Dog Walker Not rated yet
Hey I'm Aleea And I'm Fourteen I love walking dogs and playing with them Iwould not have a problem cleaning them and I need to make some extra money …

8th grade tutor Not rated yet
My name is Justin white and I just graduated 8th grade and am going on to high school with honors classes. I did great in 8th grade and I unofficially …

cleaning Not rated yet

babysitting  Not rated yet
hi.. I'm kimbelrey i like babysitting for people i like little kids i love playing with them and i need to try and earn some money and i think that …

babysitting, animal services ,and online surveys Not rated yet
I have a wonderful dog that i am great with and i love kids i use to watch my little cosins all the time

Babysitting Not rated yet
babysitting or tutoring?

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movies the Not rated yet
the job i would like its one where i can meet friends and work hard all summer and stay out the street and on the coputer and phone

yakomg online surveys Not rated yet
Cooking instructor job Taking online surveys

Dance Assistant Not rated yet
dancing assistant, senior sit, creating own country, and creating own perfume

Babysitting  Not rated yet
I need to find a Job not only to make extra cash, but for some experience I usually take care of my younger cousin, and my cousins baby. Althogh i want …

babysitting Not rated yet
im fun loving , love to do creative things and i love kids of all ages.

Dishwasher or Bus Boy Not rated yet
dishwasher and/or busboy

babbysitting Not rated yet
my name is kelsey maroon i am 12 about 13 i love kids and i am in the 8th grade

Working in library Not rated yet
i would like to organize books in a library because i am a neat person and i like to stack and make everything neat.

Fashion Jobs Not rated yet
Assistant for a Fashion Business Putting clothes together for people Really anything involving fashion would be great! I am really good at putting clothes …

babysitting Not rated yet
I want a babysitting job because I am good with children.

Party Planning Not rated yet
My Name is Teaya and I believe that party planning is a great job because you can contribute your creative party ideas along with your customer's to create …

animal job Not rated yet
I would love to help animals im 14 and I need help making money for the summer.

babysitting Not rated yet
I would like to babysit,beacause i like kids i like to make them happy.I believe parents should be aloud to go out and have them some fun too.Its good …

tutoring Not rated yet
TOUTORING!!!!!!!! for math because i am really good in the class i have striaght A's

Writing Job Not rated yet
Jobs for 14 Year Olds Who Love to Write

lawn mowing Not rated yet
I want to mow lawning because I need some money to save up for things and buy somethings for me so I will not spend or use my moms money up. I can also …

Any Type of Web-Support. Not rated yet
Hi I'm Mitchell Carrigan. I'm a professional 14 year old that is hard-working and looking to help wiht online web support. I can type at 50 WPM. I'm a …

monaghan  Not rated yet
childcare in the monaghan area

Baby sitting Not rated yet
I'm Stella and i'm looking for a job. I would love to go baby sitting. I like working with children. I am the second oldest child of four children. I'm …

Stable help Not rated yet
I'm Stella. I'm 14 years old. I love working with animals, especially horses. I've done horse riding for 3-4 ears of my life. I'm looking for a summer …

babysitting  Not rated yet
I want a babysitting job

babysitting Not rated yet
i need a babysitting job

party planner Not rated yet
Hello!! My name is linda,and I love to plan parties(sure I'm not old enough to have them) but i love designing,I can easily take my skills and turn into …

football journalism Not rated yet
writing football reports for local football matches.

Anything Not rated yet
I am a 15 year old who just got a truck and need to pay for it and I have sports and hobbies I need to pay for. I really need to make money fast and easy. …

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I Need A summer Job Asap Not rated yet
pet sitting baby sitting dog walker party planning

games Not rated yet
I want a job with games like making computer, iPhone, android games. I love doing it and I'm saving up for a good computer so please help!!!

Dog Service, Senior Communities, Baby Sitter Not rated yet
Babysitting, Planning Parties, dog service

Any Job Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Carson Lewis. I live in Oxford, MI (Michigan). I like Sports... I can Mow lawns, babysit kids, work at senior citizens homes, wash cars, …

Cashier worker Not rated yet
Hair stylist Cashier worker

babysitting Not rated yet
id like to babysit because i love kids. im turning 14 next month and im great with kids. ive baby sat for friends and family for years and id just like …

writing stories Not rated yet
i want a 14 years old job which is writing stories. i am a 14 years old girl and i am so good in writting stories for kids please if you know any job about …

Babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting, dog walking

Babysitting Not rated yet
I think you covered everything that needed to be covered

kayla svedin Not rated yet
i would like be a party planner for little kids

babysitting Not rated yet
singing gigs dog walker cashier

writing sport atricles Not rated yet
I am from Chicago and my name is Micah Johnson Im a Chicago bulls and Oklahoma City fan and I want to comment on what they do for example in the fourth …

Pet sitting Not rated yet
I'm 13 and really good with pets sitting I know everything about pets like dogs,cat,birds ect.I would be the one that's prefected for this job I'm really …

Writing Fiction Stories Not rated yet
I am Noureen Murtaza.I am 14 years old.I need a job for writing.I love to write and I am willing to write short fiction stories in order to earn my happy …

Babysitting, mowing lawns, tutoring, pet siting, writing articles, anything Not rated yet
I'm currently in the sixth grade at Heritage Christian School. I'm thirteen years old. I can start working over the summer. I'm in advanced seventh …

Animal  Not rated yet
Animal related jobs, so it can help me become a vet

Mainly surveys, if can't or other jobs pay higher, author, and salesman Not rated yet
I am looking for a survey job with good pay. I would be willing to work hard, but need cash in a check to my house. Furthemore I wouldn't mind a job as …

cooking Not rated yet
eny thing with cooking

Hi i Would Mostly Like Too do Babysitting Not rated yet
Babysitting And Just Watchin Kids Cause i Love Em .

babysitting  Not rated yet

Tutor, Babysitting, Lawn Care, Marketing Not rated yet
Hello I'm Marcus E. wanting to make some extra money in my spare time i am currently a Honor Roll student im in 8th grade HamptonRoads area! Im turning …

Job as a party planner or in bakng for a fourteen year old Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Julia G. I'm fourteen years old. I would love to work as Party Planner,or in Baking. I have helped out in my family parties before …

babysitting,online surveys,shoveling snow Not rated yet
Im really good with children i help my take care of my little cousins and my niece and i also love computers and im really good with them

Photography/Pet- Sitting/ Decoration  Not rated yet
PHOTOGRAPHY Ever since I can remember , I've loved taken pictures. This sunset, that animal, etc. It goes on and on, until its the scene, and me. You …

stores Not rated yet

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Please help Not rated yet
I want any job suitable for a 14 year old. My family is large and i need a job to help support. My mom said i dont need to get a job,but for all she has …

tutoring Not rated yet

Babysitting in Lichfield or surrounding areas Not rated yet
Babysitting very reliable Good with Kids responsible and mature works for little money Thank you :)

cashier Not rated yet
something in fast food

pet sitter Not rated yet
i love pets so ican pet sit your animal after 4pm any day in the area of perth amboy nj 08861

babysitting Not rated yet
I would like to be a babysitter. I'm am very good with kids. I am very independant and responsible. I will always be on time for my job and I can be reliable. …

Any catering/cooking related jobs, that I can do ? Not rated yet
I'm a 14 & a half year old boy seeking catering or cooking related work, I am a very Enthusiastic and creative cook, I am planning to go to college and …

babysitting Not rated yet
I like working with younger children.I Can meet any one before i actually babysitt. I only babysitt children from the ages about 7 months - 9 years. im …

Caring for elderly. Not rated yet
I want to care for the elderly because I am very good with them and would talk to them and see what is bothering them. I took care of my grandmother before …

Anything Not rated yet
Well I am a 3.8 Gpa 13 year old,I play alot of chess and minecraft.I Love computers and my family.I want Any job because I want to help my low income family …

Anyhting Not rated yet
I would do almost anything that pays me as long as its only on saturadays or maybe fridays after 3:15 - 4:30 and isnt a one and a half mile away from …

car washing or dog sitting Not rated yet
my names andrew, i need money too buy basic stuff (clothes, shoes ect.) and christmas presents for my family. thank you sooo much!

Babysitting jobs in Elko, Nevada Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Shay Esaw. I am a straight A student at Adobe Middle School. I am 12 going onto 13 in February, and I have always wanted to have an actual …

Pet sitting, Babysitting, cleaning. Not rated yet
Im 13, and i need money for my birthday party. I love animals. I'm good with kids. I can clean houses, yards, ect. I'm willing to do anything for the money. …

Lawn mowing Not rated yet
I've been lawn mowing for 2 seasons now and I'm ready to go bigger.

babysitting, car wash, volunteering  Not rated yet
i am a 14 year old and i am looking for a job because i want to earn some money on my own and save it for things that ima need later on in my life because …

babysitting Not rated yet
my name is Eric Mejia and im looking to babysit kids im really good with any age kids im an older brother and im 14

Helping or need some extra help Not rated yet
Well first Im 13, but I will be 14 in one month. A job what I'm looking for is pretty much cleaning or helping other with selling or help them …

painting Not rated yet
i will do anything you ask me to.

store clerk or baby sitter Not rated yet
im happy and can take all the criticism form any body without saying any thing back im and energetic girl and i love to help people out with what they …

Babby sitting Not rated yet
I am a mature 8th grader and i am 13 years old and I want to make some money on the weekends and over the summer. I keep a 3.0 average and have much experience …

Business Assistant,  Not rated yet
Im 13 years of age. The job im looking for is a business assistant. I am a good organizer. I am a good at following directions. I can type pretty fast. …

reading to kids, washing,cashier Not rated yet
im a very good listener, im awesome at counting money,i love cats,im a great cleaner up-er,a good reader,i know a little spanish, super great at acting,like …

Online Job, Pet Store Job, Pet "Sitting" Job. Not rated yet
I am Russian girl, now I live in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for 2 years, I am 14 year old this November, I am looking for an online job, because I can write …

Walking dogs or babysitting Not rated yet
Well I was wondering what kind of job i want because Im 13 now and i really like to do alot of stuf. im afun Kid I Could Do plenty of stuf. i like babysitiing,dog …

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Baby Siting Not rated yet
Well, I am a 13 year old girl who enjoys sports and hanging out with friends. I would like to be a baby sitter. I absolutely love to be around little children. …

babysitting or any other Not rated yet
i want a good fun job that is well paying i am quite responsible and i can be fun at the same time i love to play with little ones and i will do anything …

babysitting Not rated yet
my name is Nicole, I'm 13 and i would like to be a babysitter.

babysiting job Not rated yet
im a 14 year old from hydepark boston.I love enfants and very good with them.I love seeing a kid smile,i love all enfants.i'm in the 8th grade and im mature …

babysitting Not rated yet
i want a babysitting job because i love babies they are so cute to me. Specially a new born they are adorable.

food market Not rated yet
My name is courtney and i am needing a job, my mom doesn't make a lot of money and we are on the edge of being homeless, i need a job to help my mom pay …

Easy and Fast Not rated yet
something easy and really fast. something creative. i love having fun. and i want to alot of money in one month

babysitting Not rated yet
i would want a baby sittting job its good money and for teeens like me we love kids.

snow shoveling or paper boy Not rated yet
hi im isaiah i live in a small town in minnesota.i am 13 years old i am as fit as a fiddle and love to work hard outside. if you are wondering i am usualy …

the job i would want is babysitiing Not rated yet
Hi im 13 years old. I live in Boston MA, i been living here for 3 years and i want to look for a job as babysitiing, I enjoy being around kids and taking …

Security Guard / Parking Guard at Events Not rated yet
Hi, I'm a 13 year old Boy, My name is Erik and I like to work Outside, but working indoors would be acceptable. I'm able to work pretty much the whole …

Typing Not rated yet
I want a typing job cuase i am realy fast at typing

artist, writer, babysitting, pet walking, tutoring, car washing. Not rated yet
Hello, my name is Samantha north, I'm 13 and I live in Melrose fl. I'm in 8th grade. I'm a very good pencil artist and will draw request, I write story's …

Beta Tester/Game Tester Not rated yet
I am Keion, and i like EA Sports games and Call of Duty games. The reason I would like to be a bete tester/game tester is because, if I get a job, I want …

Cleaner or bookskeeper Not rated yet
My name is trevion Belton I'm 13 I make straight a"s I would like a job that doesn't require any transport like a newspaper deliver I would like a job …

Babysitting , Landscaping, Carwashing, Lawn Mowing Not rated yet
I'm 13 years old about to turn 14 i need a job were i can make money. I would like to get paid at least $30 a week and paid weekly. I live in Eden, North …

movie theater, grocery stores, fast food stores. Not rated yet
i want to work at movie theaters because i love movies. I want to earn money so i don't have to ask my parents for money!!!

At home job easy anything  Not rated yet
I would want a good paying at home job something easy and real

Cashier,Cleaning,and Baby-sitting Not rated yet
I am fun,cool,and nice.I have alot of sibblings and i know how to make people apologize.I am not a bully and Im focused.The type of job i will probaly …

dog siter Not rated yet
I am 13 and I love animals. I would lake to take care of animals in my free time.

Babysitting Not rated yet
My name is Sydney Wade. I am responsible and trustworthy and im looking for any type of job I can get after school so I can help my famly out. I am good …

news paper guy Not rated yet
i want to be a news paper guy to make money and save up for my family and me im just looking for a good paying job thank you

babysiting , garden work, paper rounds ,dog walking Not rated yet
i am a 13 year old girl and i am looking for a part time weekend job to earn some extra money to may my parents back for some favours when i was younger. …

With anything Not rated yet
I'm a quick learner, I love animals, kids, and getting out the house. I'm very friendly. I can clean and cook also. I am home schooled so I can come when …

with horses Not rated yet
I have 4 years of experience with rideing horses and i need some money and i wanna do what i love to do so want a job exerciseing horses

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Any Online Job Not rated yet
I'm 13 years old I just began high school. I start at 9:48 and end at 5:06. I'm looking for any job because I want to be able to save money for college …

newspaper delivery Jobs Not rated yet
My name is Mimi and i want a newspaper delivery job and 10 pound a day/week your choice

babysitting walking dogs online surveys Not rated yet
I'm looking for an easy job i can do it saturdays and sundays

babysitting Not rated yet
i am 14 years old. my birthday is june 16th. i love to babysit my younger siblings so i really want a babysitting job.

restraunt/catering Not rated yet
i was looking for just a simple saturday job to earn some extra money im 14 and dont really know where to start looking for a job and i could use some …

corner shops or a fashion shop Not rated yet
my name is Hannah and i am 13 i am half cast and i am looking for a job like in a near by shop or maybe a good clothes shop, i really want to make some …

tutor,model,babysitter Not rated yet
TUTORING:I can tutor any child and any age I'm in mostly advanced classes and I tutor my little sister and brother. MODELING:I will model clothes and …

Looking for people in massachussets who could use tutoring or I can help with personal fitness Not rated yet
Hi I'm a 14 year old and I would enjoy doing online tutoring for a little extra money. I am rather good at math and te sciences and also computer science …

i am home student Not rated yet
iwant a job

Anything easy I could do an the weekend.  Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Kristin! I'm a fourteen year old looking for a job I could so on the weekends. I'm looking for a job so i can help my mom and dad pay our phone …

Take Online Surveys Not rated yet
Hi everyone, My name is Tahj Nell. I am 14 years old. I really would like a job taking online surveys that pays between $7-$10 a hour. I need this …

babysitting Not rated yet
hi im katey and i will be 14 soon and i need to earn some money i am very good with kids i have experiance i live in flagstaff arizona and i like …

Just about any jobs for 14 year olds Not rated yet
Hi my name is Aedan,I am 13 years old I live in new brunswick Canada an I would like to have a job so that I can pay for a dirt bike, personal computer, …

Cleaning Fast Food Places And Walking Dogs Not rated yet
The Reason Why I Would Like To Work For These Two Choices Is Because Its Nice And Simple For My Age.I Would Like To Help My Mommy With Bills And My Granny. …

Jobs for 14 year olds selling  Not rated yet
Hi my name is mekhi and I really need some money because my families budget is kinda tight and I can't get what I want......please help

Jobs for 14 Year Olds Not rated yet
I would like a job Stacking shelves at a store. Thanks!

babystitting Not rated yet
i need the money i like babysitting

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