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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #004 -- Teach Your Kids the Value of a Strong Work Ethic
April 17, 2007

Do Your Kids Have a Good Work Ethic?

Do you ever wonder why some kids are ambitious and hard working, while it’s like pulling teeth to get other kids to work?

I’ve often wondered about this and what causes some kids to have a better work ethic than others.

Is it that some kids are born to like work and others are born with the lazy gene?

I don’t think so.

The difference in having a good work ethic is how you raise your kids – and what they practice from a young age.

Have you ever seen your neighbor outside mowing his lawn when you knew his fourteen-year-old son was in the house watching T.V. or on the computer?

Or saw a mother carry her own groceries in the house while her teenage daughter talked on the cell phone?

I know I have.

I almost had to keep myself from dragging a teenage boy out of his room when I went to visit my neighbor.

Several of our neighbors still farm for a living – and one of them raises beef cattle.

My neighbor was suffering from a slipped disc in her back and to make matters worse, her husband had a bad sinus infection.

Both of them were slowly...painfully...loading hay into the barn.

And their sixteen-year-old son was still sleeping – and it was noon!

I always thought farm kids had a strong work ethic – I guess not all of them.

So What Is The Secret To Raising Your Kids To Work Hard And Have a Strong Work Ethic?

The answer is simple.


If your kids don’t have weekly chores they are responsible for, they probably don’t have a strong work ethic.

This is true because kids very first lesson on how to work hard is by doing chores.

As a mother of four kids myself and being on the frontline of motherhood for sixteen years, I know first hand what a BIG job it is to run a household.

There’s dinner to make, grocery shopping to be done, cleaning the house, shoveling snow, and the never ending dirty laundry.

That’s why my kids are expected to do basic chores simply because it’s work that has to be done and because they’re part of the family.

This includes making their own bed, setting and clearing the table, washing and putting away dishes, taking care of any animals, and generally picking up after themselves.

They get an allowance, small I might add - $24 dollars a month.

But I don’t pay them for every chore they do around the house.

When was the last time YOU were paid to cook dinner or do the dishes?

Your kids shouldn’t get paid either.

The Best Way For You to Teach Your Kids to Develop a Healthy Work Ethic is to Assign Them Weekly Chores

This gives them an opportunity to practice being a hard worker.

And I tell my kids, “If you do a sloppy job – it just means you need more practice.”

Yep, I’m a mean mom.

Doing chores is part of being in a family, just like going on vacation is part of being in a family.

And if you raise your kids to have a strong work ethic, they’ll be ahead of 99% of their friends – even most adults.

Random Acts of Tithing

Have your kids done any random acts of kindness or tithing this month?

My daughter Maria is collecting baby formula, bottled water, and sippy cups to help babies with AIDS in Naimbia, Africa... If your son or daughter loves animals, here's how to help rescue an abandoned animal

Profitable Home Business Idea:

My oldest daughter Rachel recently got her drivers license. And she needs money to pay for her car insurance and gas.

But instead of earning minimum wage at McDonald’s, and smelling like a grease ball... she’s making an average of $20 dollars an hour feeding and taking care of horses while the owners are on vacation.

She started her own equine service business.

She made up brochures and posted them around town – at the feed store, the library, the grocery store, a few local cafes, and at Fleet Farm.

She also ran a small local ad in the paper:

Going on Vacation?

Let me take care of your horse!

Name & Phone #

She already has three clients and was hired by an Arabian stable for hourly care this summer.

Because of her strong work ethic, she has her own successful business and is learning the three most valuable skills needed in business:

1) How to find customers

2) How to market herself

3) How to negotiate a fair price


Service businesses are the best way for kids to earn money and develop a strong work ethic.

My first business as a kid was the traditional lemonade stand.

And I had stiff competition three houses down!

But I outsold my neighbor even though my lemonade was more expensive.

How did I get away with charging a higher price?

I set a bowl of fresh lemons on my card table and wrote on my sign that I used only fresh squeezed lemons instead of artificial powder.

I learned at a young age that people are willing to pay a premium for good quality. For more profitable niche business ideas, check this website...

Fast Ways For Little Kids to Make Extra Cash

Here are 3 Quick Ways to Make Some Cash:

1) Shine shoes $2 a time

2) Sell water & pop at your brother's baseball game

3) Weed your mom or neighbor's garden

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) Stock - A piece of ownership in a company - like Walt Disney World or Coca Cola

2) Asset - Something that you own - like a car, bike, or Ipod

3) Real Estate - your mom & dad's house, buildings in your town like the grocery store or bank

Cheap Family Fun

Sunday is our family day of rest and relaxation.

No shopping, no chores, no work.

It isn't easy to keep Sundays as family time - but it's WORTH every minute.

This past Sunday, we tuned up and washed the bikes and went on our first family bike ride.

Actually, we only had 5 working bikes, so my daughter rode her horse instead!

We went about 4 miles...and I have the sunburned cheeks as proof!

So grab those dusty bikes out of the garage, and take a tour around your neighborhood for some cheap, family fun!

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