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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #016 -- Do You Make This Mistake in Parenting Your Children?
June 19, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day to All You Dads!

Here in the United States, it was Father's Day last Sunday.

So besides being another way for retailers to "guilt" shoppers into spending money...and lure you into the mega malls...

It's a wonderful time to honor fathers.

I always make sure I take the time to give my dad a call and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Or else my name would be MUD!

He doesn't want any gifts, so instead, we get together and have lunch at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

My dad is built like Rocky...and eats like him too! That's why we usually end up at a buffet.

The kids especially like the buffet because they get to eat all the ice cream they want with all the yummy candy toppings!

Andy Is King for the Day

As for my husband, Andy, he gets the royal treatment from the kids on his special day.

They bring his coffee and the Sunday paper to him in bed...make a big brunch for him after church...give him home-made presents...and let him have an undisturbed nap outside on his hammack.

Who could ask for a better day?!

And we all even played a family game of bocce ball and volley ball together. Without arguing!

But we always start out Father's Day...and every Sunday...going to Mass together.

Our priest, Father Bill, gives the best homilies. And this Sunday was no exception.

Here are 6 tips he gave on how to become a better Christian parent:

1) Don't Be Afraid to Discipline...

But never discipline without love and forgiveness.

Do you know parents who try to be their kids' friend instead of being a parent?

Unfortunately, I know plenty of parents like this. I'm not sure if they're afraid their kids won't like them or if they're just plain afraid.

For example, we were at a family wedding a couple weeks ago for my niece. A few of the teens were caught sneaking beer and wine...including my two oldest teens, Rachel and Tony.

My husband and I do not approve of under-age drinking (and Rachel and Tony KNOW this) so they each had consequences when we got home.

The other parents ignored the situation - they didn't want to make a scene.

But kids need to know where the fence is - and the consequences if they break the rules.

2) Don't Try to Buy Your Kids All the Gadgets and Gizmos

Just because the neighbors...or their friends...or their cousin has the latest cell phone, video game, Ugg boots, etc. doesn't mean you have to compete.

I've seen really poor people happy...

and really rich people miserable.

The bottom line is that having a lot of "stuff" will never make you truly happy.

The best gift you can ever give your children is your time and your love. Nothing else comes close.

3) Don't Shelter Your Kids From All the Hard Knocks of Life

Girls can be so mean at times. Some times I think us women are our own worst enemy with the way we treat one another!

It breaks my heart to see any of my kids being picked on, left out, or ignored by other kids.

Or seeing them struggle in school, at work, or in a social situation.

But if you never expose your kids to these trying situations, how will they know how to handle themselves?

This very "stuff" will help them one day to face the adult world.

Kids have to learn and experience how to stand up for themselves - as painful as it may be. They'll be stronger Christians because of it.

4) Don’t Be Afraid to Stand for Something – Even Though It Might Be Unpopular.

For our family, Sunday is a day for church, reflection, and relaxation.

We don't do chores, go shopping, work, or have friends over. It's truly a day to rejuvenate and Relax!

With no guilt!

When Rachel started interviewing for jobs, she had to list the days and times she was available to work on her application.

So she put down that she was not able to work on Sunday. At one of her interviews, she was asked why she couldn't work on Sunday.

She politely told him that it was against her religion.

He scoffed at her and said, "What religion are you? Maybe I should join so I don't have to work on Sunday either!"

Rachel stood her ground and declined the position.

I couldn't be more proud of her.

She took a stand on her values...what was right...and on the importance of going to church every Sunday.

5) Don't Be Afraid to Say NO

Don't feel pressured to say yes just because "every body else can go!"

I always tell my kids that I really don't care if Tommy thinks I'm mean...

or over protective...

or this...

or that...!

Your number one job as a parent is to protect your child. And some times that means being the bad guy or the uncool parent.

If you can, unite with other parents. There's power in numbers!

6) Let the Gospel Be Your Guide

There is SO much in the Bible on how to be a better parent.

On how to love...

How to forgive...

How to pray...

And how to dream for a better world tomorrow.

Random Acts of Tithing

One of the best gifts you can give to your children is your time.

So why not spend some time together volunteering?

My two youngest and I will be helping out at the food booth for their school at the county fair.

Who says flipping burgers isn't an act of titbing?!

Profitable Investment Idea:

If you had a crystal ball of the future...

What companies will still be around in 10, 20, or 30 years?

Nike? Microsoft? Harley Davidson?

If I had to guess - it would be good ole Walt Disney.

I remember the very first time I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

It was pure magic.

Mickey Mouse, the lighted parade, the fireworks...

but what I vividly remember is the hedges shaped like all the Disney characters!

Yes, I'm an odd duck!

And I remember the first time we took our kids to Walt Disney and the sheer joy when they went on Space Mountain for the very first time!

Walt Disney is a company that I have no doubt will be around for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren for years to come.

But what I really like about Walt Disney (DIS) as an investment is that it isn't just the park. It's Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and the Disney channel.

Plus, even better, the stock is cheaper than it's ever been.

So if you want to invest in a stock that your little tykes will know and love, Walt Disney is the perfect choice.

Check out the stock price here...

A Quote I Like...

This is a message by George Holmes...It is directed to all fathers:

“When your child thrusts their small hand into yours, it may be smeared with chocolate ice cream or be grimy from petting a dog, and there may be a wart under the right thumb and a bandage around the little finger.

But the most important thing about their hand is that they are the hands of the future.

These are hands that someday may hold a Bible or a colt revolver; play the Church organ or spin a gambling wheel; gently touch a leper’s wound or tremble uncontrolled by an alcoholic mind.

Right now that hand is yours.

It asks for help and guidance.

It represents a full fledged personality in miniature...

to be respected as a separate individual...

whose day-to-day growth into Christian adulthood is your responsibility.”

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) Checks must be written in __________ (not lead).

2) Using money is to pay in ____________.

3) Plastic used to charge things (two words).

Answers: ink, cash, credit card

Do You Know Whose Picture Is On...

A Dime?

Answer: Roosevelt

Cheap Family Fun

My son Matthew is an awsome piano player. And it never fails...

during the summer, he plays Christmas songs!

That's probably where I came up with the idea of having "Christmas in July".

How about making Christmas presents in July? You'll be glad you did when you're not fighting the crowds in December.

Summer is a great time for making some home-made jam or jellie, herb flavored vinegars, flower pressed pictures, or jars of spicy spaghetti sauce or salsa.

Take a Sunday drive out to the country and pick ice cream buckets full of sweet, wild raspberries. Or blueberries if you're really lucky!

And if you're not the "canning" type, mash 4 cups of raspberries with 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar and freeze.

It's the best on toast, bagels, or over a bowl of ice cream!

May you all have a safe and blessed June...

So until next month...

Happy parenting! Remember, we're all in this together and it's worth every step of the way.


Sonja Mishek

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