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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #007 -- How to Beat the DOW by 1,039% With Socially Responsible Inves
July 18, 2007

How would you like to beat the DOW by 1,039%, consistently make 21.2% per year, and best of all, help make the world a better place?

Count me in! So what exactly is Socially Responsible investing (SRI funds)?

I think of it as investing with a conscience.

Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but I don't want to invest my money (or my kids' money) in companies that engage in smoking, gambling, or sex related businesses.

Sure,I want to make the highest returns possible on my investments.

But I'm tired of the financial experts pushing investors to buy only the most promising investments, regardless of the political, religious, or social implications.

You can make a lot of money investing in socially responsible funds...

And still encourage change and make the world a better place.

50% of Its Own Profits Goes to Charity

For starters, the Bridgeway ultra small mutual fund has been consistently making an average of 21.2% for its investors the past 10 years.


it donates an impressive 50% of its own profits to charity.

Who says you can't make money and be give back to your community?!

Another socially responsible mutual fund has averaged 17.3% for the past 5 years and dedicates itself to educating inner city youth.

Support Cancer Survivorship With This Outstanding Fund

For every dollar you invest in Livestrong funds and Choice One funds with American Century's management company...

they will donate to the Lance Armstrong Fund (LAF) above a guaranteed amount.

Founded in 1997 by Lance Armstrong, the LAF's mission is to empower and inspire people affected by cancer.

SRI Funds Have Beat the DOW by a Whopping 1,039%

According to Good Money, a firm specializing in SRI investments, it tracked the DOW from 1976 to 2000...

The DOW gained 973.7%

SRI gained 2,012.7%

So investing in socially responsible investments would put you 1,039% higher than the average DOW.

Not bad, eh?

But there's even more room for growth here.

This is because the baby boomers (and their kids!) are concerned about the demise of politics, religion, and the enviornment in our country.

Sounds like a repeat of the 60s, doesn't it?

So more and more investors like you and I are demanding accountability and change from corporate America.

People are sick and tired of over-paid, greedy corporate executives stealing pensions from their employees, like WorldCom.

My brother-in-law recently lost his pension from Delta airlines because of bankruptcy.

But I'm sure the "big guys" didn't lose THEIR pensions!

It just isn't fair.

For these reasons, SRI assets have grown 40% faster than all professionally managed assets in the United States from 1996 to 2003.

And it's not about to stop.

Could We See 40 to 60% Gains Again?

Because investors like you and I are demanding that companies be held accountable and be socially responsible, the big mutual funds like TIAA-Cref and Vanguard are now offering SRI mutual funds to their clients.

When more of the big mutual fund companies start buying existing SRI funds, prices will soar to new heights.

Just like the early days of mutual funds and 40 to 60% annual returns.

Be sure to take advantage of SRI fund options in ROTH IRAs as soon as your teen earns his first real paycheck...

You CAN Change The World With Your Investing Habitts

You CAN help shape the world we live in...and make a lot of money safely and ethically in the process.

You don't have to compromise your values and ethics to be successful at becoming wealthy.

And you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing your children and grandchildren will be living in a better world.

So be sure to consider SRI mutual funds for you and your kids' investment options.

Random Acts of Tithing

I heard on the radio a guy who was trying to lose weight...and nothing seemed to work.

So he started offering to mow his elderly neighbor's lawns to see if he could sweat off the extra weight...and it WORKED!

Talk about a win-win - helping out an elderly neighbor AND losing weight.

So maybe your kids don't need to lose weight...but getting out of the house away from the "screens" to help out a neighbor is a great random act of tithing.

Profitable Home Business Idea:

Everyone seems to be running short on time these days.

So how about offering your services of...


Grocery shopping...


Washing clothes...

Pass out some flyers or put up a notice at the grocery store, library, or church.

For more profitable niche business ideas, check this website...

Fast Ways For Little Kids to Make Extra Cash

Here are 3 Quick Ways to Make Some Cash:

1) Go around your neighborhood and pick up aluminum cans for some'll be helping to clean up as well!

2) Ask mom or dad if you can count and cash in their change jar

3) Bake some cookies and sell to your friends and neighbors...especially Grandma and Grandpa!

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) IRA - Individual Retirement Account - An account that you set up to save for retirement - when you don't work at a job.

2) Rent - What you have to pay to live in an apartment or house...or to live with mom and dad if you're over 18 and NOT going to college!

3) Mutual Fund - An investment company that buys shares in many different public companies - like McDonalds or Walt Disney.

Cheap Family Fun

Last year at the county fair, my youngest daughter Maria and her friend jump roped to "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" at the talent show.

They did a great job...except for the embarrassing moment when Maria's pants fell down while she was jumping!

And of course, we have it all on video!

I looove going to the county fair during the summer!

And it's a lot less expensive than the state fair...and easier to navigate with small children.

We get to check out all the 4-H projects, animals, and crafts and flower arrangements.

And the rides are also WAY CHEAPER than at the state fair.

So check out a county fair in your area and soak up the fun atmosphere.

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