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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #028 - Jobs for 14 Year Olds That Pay
March 23, 2011

How 14 Year Olds Can Get Paid Big Bucks Developing iPhone Apps...With NO Experience!

Hello Parents & teens!

Apple has helped its customers download over 4 BILLION Apps in the last 3 years.

So if you've ever had an idea for a useful or funny iPhone application, you can quickly make a fortune without having any programming experience whatsoever.

So how much money can you make?

Here Are Just a Few Real Life Success Stories:

Ethan Nicolas Made $600,000 profit in a single month from his first ever iShoot application. He designed his game at his kitchen table in hopes of making some extra income to help his family.

Steve Demeter - developed his first iPhone application 'Trism' which pocketed him $250,000 in two months! And went on to make $2 million during July of 2009. He soon quit his job and focused solely on creating iPhone applications.

Bart Decrem - Created Tap Tap Revenge, an insanely addictive App that was downloaded 1,000,000 times in just two weeks. He's tight- lipped by how much he's made - but he estimates that a "successful" App could rake in $5,000 - $10,000 a day.

So How Can You Quickly Develp Your Own iPhone App?'s actually pretty simple.

Step 1) Come up with an idea for your App. Brainstorm possible application ideas - something innovative and useful or simply entertaining or funny.. Come up with ideas you are passionate about, something that isn't available in the appstore.

Talk to your friends about what kinds of things you could use to improve or simplify your daily life. Don't worry about the coding part or how it will actually work.

Step 2) Once you decide on an idea, write down what you want it to do.

Then draw a rough sketch of what it should look like. Include what buttons are needed and where those buttons link to. Try to think like your customer and make your apps as user friendly as possible. No one likes a complicated or messy app.

Step 3) Hand off your idea to an experienced, low-cost iPhone App developer who creates the App, Again don't worry about the coding part. You do not need to be a programming geek in order to develop your own iPhone app.

There are many cheap outsourcing iPhone App developers who are in need of ideas. Be sure to research possible developers and test out their apps. If one seems good to you, contact them with your idea.

Step 4) Install and test your new App - Before you make any payments or submit your new App to the Apple Store, install and test out your new App on an iPhone to spot bugs and errors before you launch.

Step 5) Submit your new App to the Apple Development team who reviews and posts it to the App Store

Step 6) Sit back and collect your commission checks!

WARNING: Make sure you have the developer sign a non-disclosure agreement This will protect your ideas from unethical programmers and keep your idea under lock-and-key.

It's amazing how few people know how easy it is to turn your iPhone App idea into cash

And the best part is you don't need any programming experience, expensive equipment, or complicated software.

So get started could be making thousands in as little as a week! Check out this quick jobs for 14 year olds to make money online in your spare time...

A Fun Way for Little Kids To Make Some Cash

Every week I put up a list of "Refrigerator Jobs" for my kids to pick and choose from if they want to make some extra cash.

Here are some sample jobs:

Shovel the sidewalk $5

Pick up fallen sticks in the yard $3

Scoop up dog poop $5

Clean out toy closet $4

You get the idea!

Profitable Investment Idea:

Gold has quietly been going up for the past 10 consecutive years.

This has NEVER happened in our history!

Buy gold and silver. I own a gold fund (GDX) that's up 10% in the past month alone.

Happy investing!

Random Acts of Tithing

I was so proud of my 14 year old daughter Maria!

We went on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas last week and were visiting Nassau.

A sweet boy came up to us and asked if he could sing a song. We said of course! I asked him how old he was and he told us he just turned 14. I then introduced him to Maria who was also 14!

I then dug into my purse to give him a couple dollars...

When Maria beat me to the punch and gave him $10!

The boy was both thrilled and shocked to get such a generous tip! And I was bursting with pride to see my daughter share her treasure.

It's Good to Know...

Do your teens know how to fill out an application?

My son has been filling out applications for summer jobs.

One of the usual questions on a job applications is:

What types of special skills or talents do you have? Or something similar.

Tony left it blank.

Big mistake!

This is your chance to brag about yourself and let the employer know that you're a responsible, reliable, and hard-worker. And that you are a team player who works well with others.

And so on and so on!

Sit down with your teen and teach them how to fill out a job application properly.

It's an important job-hunting skill to master.

Cheap Family Fun

Spring is almost here.

Time to dust off those bikes in the garage and take a ride!

Not only is biking good exercise...but it's easy on the earth too!

Remember, families that play together stay together.

Have a great month and Happy parenting!

Best, Sonja

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