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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #012 -- How Kids Can Give More Than Just Presents During Christmas
December 20, 2007

Are You Keeping the "Merry" in Merry Christmas?

It happens every year...

Almost like clock work...

I could pencil it in to my calendar...

My sister calls me...

In tears because she's feeling sorry for herself and all the work she does during the holidays.

She gets herself so worked up that she doesn't take the time to enjoy the "Merry" in Christmas.

Christmas is supposed to be about preparing your heart for the birth of Jesus being born into your heart. How can you do this if you're too busy doing the "business" of shopping, baking, etc?

That's Why Your Faith is So Important

I believe my sister struggles at Christmas because she's turned away from her faith.

It's hard to stay positive and focused when you don't leave it up to God to guide you.

I always tell my kids when they're frustrated or feeling out of control of things, "It's God's plan...not your plan, things will work out the way they're meant to."

Another of my favorite lines by Scarlett in Gone With the Wind is..."I'll worry about that tomorrow."

But Christmas is always more meaningful and joyful when you don't let yourself get too wrapped up in the "business".

And you'll feel especially blessed and content if you take the time to help others who are less fortunate. Right in your own neighborhood.

Here's How 10 Year Old Jayna Keeps the Christmas Spirit

How I Give More Than Just Presents During Christmas by Jayna Davis, age 10

A couple of months ago, three friends and I got together and formed a group called the "JADE Funding Program". The word "JADE" is made up from our names.

We raised money by selling lemonade and jewelry. We raised over $100. At Christmas, we will give the money to the Red Cross.

We will ask them to give it to the people in Peru who survived a big earthquake. My friends and I learned all about the earthquake from the internet, and then told people about the earthquake and our program. They were happy to donate to JADE.

We really want to keep raising money for JADE and keep making donations to people in need all over the world.

I am proud of this because I thought of this idea all by myself and we are giving people in a different part of the world some help for Christmas. Closer to home, I am helping people in my community. Recently, my family got together with other families of our church and wrapped up gifts that we had bought for women and kids in local shelters.

It makes me feel good that I can help them get the holiday gifts that they deserve. At school we are collecting food and household things for families too. In my own home, we do buy presents for each other. But this year we drew names to see which family member we would make a hand-made present for.

It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. It takes more thought than buying something. This is the time of year when its fun to think about what I might get for Christmas. But it can also be fun to think about how I can help other people.

And I feel happy when I help other people, because it's the right thing to do.

Random Acts of Tithing

Why are teachers one of the lowest paying professions in America?

In other countries, like Japan for example, teachers are the highest honored profession - and the best paid. It makes sense doesn't it?

After all, teachers are preparing future leaders - our kids.

Take time this year to acknowledge your kids teachers.

Write a letter of sincere thank-you, host a special brunch in their honor, or just simply say "thank you for all you do."

Teachers teach because they have a passion for teaching - not because it pays well or for the summer vacations.

Profitable Investment Idea:

Is there a gold rush going on?

As the dollar decreases in value compared to other currencies...

You should see all the international shoppers at the Mall of America in Minnesota! They're getting the bargains of a lifetime!

Owning gold acts as sort of insurance in your investing.

That's why my kids own 4% of gold in their investment account.

Here are 3 ways to buy gold:

Gold stocks such as Seabridge Gold (stock symbol: SA)

Gold ETF funds

Gold coins (check out for suggested coins)

REMINDER I am NOT a licensed financial advisor - I'm just telling you "parent to parent" how I invest my own money! For profitable niche business ideas, check this website...

Fun Ways to Make Money For Little Kids

We cut down our own Christmas tree every year. My youngest daughter Maria waters the tree "religiously" every day...and she'll get $10 dollars for doing so.

Make up a list of odd jobs and post it on your refrigerator for your kids to make some extra "gift" money:

Some of the jobs I have posted are:

Clean out the refrigerator $5

Organize the junk drawer $2

Clean the toy closet $3

Wash the crystal glasses in the China hutch $5

This is a great way for you to get some extra cleaning done without having to nag the kids!

So go sit down...relax...count your blessings...and have a cup of herbal tea!

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) Tax Refund: Money you get back from the government when you overpay your taxes

2) Tithing: Donating your time, talent, or treasure (money) to charity

3) ETF: Exchange traded group of funds

Cheap Family Fun

I don't know about your neck of the woods...but here in Wisconsin...we have a LOT of snow.

And it's a great reason to have a sliding party!

We all bundle up, have a thermos of double chocolate hot cocoa, toe warmers if you have em...and head out to the "big hill."

One year we even started a bon fire in the snow to warm up!

So take advantage of the weather - even if it is icy cold!

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