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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #016 -- Do You Make This Mistake in Parenting Your Children?
May 19, 2008

Parenting Advice From a Foot Ball Coach

Are you a "Hovering" or "Helicopter" parent?

I looked up the word hover in the dictionary and here is the definition:

To hang about, or linger near a person, place, or object, threateningly, watchfully, resolutely.

I recently went to parent teacher conference at the high school for two of my kids. (Rachel-junior and Tony-sophomore.)

Rachel has the head football coach for her Criminology class so I sat down to talk with him.

You can definitely tell he’s a football coach! Rachel even complains a little that he runs his class like a football game.

During the conference, he asked me if I check grades online on the school website.

Uh, oh, is this a trick question? I was a little uncomfortable answering because I didn’t want to seem like a “not engaged in the game” type of parent.

Reluctantly...I Confessed to Him...

“No, I don’t usually check grades online. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve checked grades for both of my kids. And one’s a junior and the other is a sophomore”.

Of course he knows Tony because he plays football.

I further explained to him that my kids are old enough to be responsible for their own grades and assignments. I’m here to help and support them if and when they need it. But I’m not going to be the “grade” police constantly checking up on them.

You should have seen the shocked look on his face!

I braced myself for a little lecture or at least a pep talk…but it never came.

After what seemed to be a loooong pause, he said, “You don’t know how happy I am to hear that from a parent!” He went on to tell me that one of his biggest frustrations in teaching and in coaching is dealing with “hovering” parents.

These parents drive him nuts with their constant monitoring and demands.

And these are high school kids who are almost adults.

But It Starts Much Earlier Than High School.

I remember the first time I went to an elementary school science fair.

Some of the experiments would be difficult for Einstein himself to understand!

And the powerpoint presentations were better than you would find in an executive boardroom!

There is NO possible way that most of those projects were actually done by an eight-year-old third grader.

Who Is the Winner --Or Loser?

It seems like parents are competing through their kids – at school, in sports, in music, in spelling bees – you name it.

And it's putting extreme pressure on your kids. And even more so on yourself.

Is this type of parenting healthy? I don’t believe so.

Let Your Kids DO IT

Kids need to learn how to do things themselves – at a normal pace.

And if they fail or make a mistake – GOOD!

That’s when the real learning begins.

How Your Kids Can Become Better Leaders...and Better Business Owners

The old saying is true...

If you want to learn how to swim - you HAVE to get in the water and swim.

Let your kids do their own home-work...

their own projects...

their own papers...

their own mistakes.

They'll become better leaders because of it. And better business owners.

More Confidence

Let your kids gain confidence from doing things themselves and learning from their own mistakes.

They'll be happier, stronger, and much more prepared to run their own business some day.

Without Mom & Dad hovering over their every move!

Random Acts of Tithing

My son Tony is turning 16 today...Happy Sweet 16th!

It's hard to seems like just yesterday he was learning to ride a two wheeler bike!

Every year, as part of his birthday present, I make him a pan of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

But why does it have to be on his birthday?

Why not have your kids make Grandma or Grandpa a special pan of brownies - for no reason at all?

The way to someone's heart is always appreciated through their stomach!

Profitable Investment Ideas:

How do you know if a company will continue to grow?

One way is to keep an eye on how often consumers have to buy replacements.

And that's the beauty of Goodyear Tire and Rubber (GT).

I don't know about you, but I have to buy new tires at least every couple of years.

At some point, car owners need new tires.

And in a country that loves to drive (even with gas hitting $4 a gallon), that is a lot of tires that need replacing.

Good news for investors in Goodyear tires! Check out the stock price here...

Fun Ways to Make Money For Little Kids

Do you live near a beach? Do you go to soccer, baseball, or track meets?

A fun way for your kids to make some cash while you're at a ball game is to bring along a cooler filled with bottles of water.

Offer them for sale to thirsty fans who forgot to bring their own!

You could even offer packets of Crystal Lite flavoring to ramp up your profits even more.

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) 25 cents.

2) To take control of your spending is called "good money __________."

3) Book of forms for writing checks.

Answers: quarter, management, checkbook

Do You Know Whose Picture Is On...

A Nickel?

Answer: Jefferson

Cheap Family Fun

I love summer...and I especially love the fairs during the summer.

Small county fairs are great for the whole family to get involved in.

Besides getting cheap thrills on the rides...

You can volunteer in the church food your bunny, dog, or chicken, or enter in the talent show.

Youll end up having a BLAST without breaking the bank!

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