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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #016 -- Quickest Way On Earth to Make Money Online
April 17, 2008

Would Your 10-Year-Old Like to Make $1,000 Bucks Every Month?

Every Wednesday, I would ride the school bus to my piano teacher’s home. I took piano lessons for 7 years from the age of 7.

I wasn’t as good as Liberace…but almost!

After my lesson, for two hours or so, I would baby sit my teacher’s two young daughters while my teacher finished giving lessons to other students.

And raked in close to $200 bucks every month. That’s a LOT of money for a 10-year-old. Especially 30 years ago!

I have a confession to make – I liked making money more than taking piano lessons!

So how can your 10-year-old make that kind of money? Or $1,000...$5,000...or even $10,000 dollars every month?

Start Their Own Automated Internet Business.

Stay with me here. My dad always says…”If it sounds too good to be true – it is!”

But with the internet, it’s not only possible for your kids to make an income every month – but relatively easy to do.

And the quickest way to make money on the internet is to build an automated, information publishing business.

Once set up, they become your own personal mini money machines.

You May Be Wondering What Sort of Information Your 10-year-old Can Possibly Sell, Right?

There are hundreds, even thousands of topics to choose from.

For example:

How to groom a poodle…

How to train a puppy…

How to groom a horse…

How to use cheat codes for Runescape…

How to play guitar hero…

The list is really endless.

The Market for Information Products is Literally Exploding

Not to mention the world’s fastest growing and most lucrative business.

Once you’ve picked out your “niche” or area of interest, it’s possible to rapidly create an ebook and set up an automated website to sell and deliver this info product 24/7 – while you sleep.

And best of all, the process is simple. Even for a 10-year-old.

The First Step

Find out if people are searching for or wanting the type of information you’re considering. The easiest way to do this is to go to and type in your keyword, ie; Puppy training.

Once you determine demand for your information – you’re ready to write your ebook.

Now Don’t Panic - Here’s How to Easily Write an Ebook.

Put up a simple pay-per-click or small newspaper ad offering to give potential customers a FREE copy of your planned ebook.

When customers come for the free book, tell them you’ll send a copy as soon as it’s completed, if they’ll answer one question in return. “What is your number one question about the topic?”

Example question, “What do I feed my poodle?”. Chapter title, “What to feed your poodle.”

Then write a 100-page book on the topic using your 10 chapter titles as the outline.

Or you could hire a freelance writer to research and write the book for you. (Generally the cost will be about $500 dollars for the ghost written book)

Now You’re Ready to Set Up a Fully Automated Website.

One of the simplest and most affordable website building services that I use is

It's easy enough for a non-techy like me!

You could also google other free website building sites.

Once Your Website Is Up and Running, Spread the Word!

Advertise your website by writing free articles about your ebook at to get the word out. You can also use pay-per-click ads to drive prospects to your website.

And spread the word on social networking sites like myspace, facebook, etc.

Once your website is on auto pilot, it will generate a few thousand dollars each month with only two to three percent of your visitors actually buying your ebook.

Repeat the process.

My kids have a goal of having 2 to 3 automated websites up and running by the end of the year. That’s a possible $6,000 a month!

Random Acts of Tithing

My husband is one of the most thoughtful men I know. Maybe that's why I married him?!!

But at church a couple of weeks ago, we were at a communal penance service.

There were 6 priests listening to individual confessions and we all were in line.

Andy noticed an elderly couple a few people behind us. He asked the people in line if they would mind the elderly couple going ahead of the rest of us.

Of course, no one minded...and we all felt good about being helpful and respectful to this cute couple!

Profitable Investment Ideas:

3 Precious Metal ETF Funds I like:

1) DBP - Powershares CD Precious Metals Fund

2) SLV - iShares Silver Trust fund

3) GDX - Market Vectors Gold Miners fund

3 Pick & Shovel Stocks I like:

1)AGU - Agrium - Agriculture chemicals & fertilizers

2)TGE - TGC Industries - Oilfield Equipment & services

3)TEX - Terex - mining equipment to extract oil, copper, & coal

Now remember, I'm not a licensed or professional stock broker...these stocks I've researched and like myself. Check out this ebook for more ideas to start making money online in 7 days or less...

Fun Ways to Make Money For Little Kids

One of the many benefits of living on a hobby farm is raising our own beef, chickens, and fresh garden vegetables.

My kids make a tidy profit growing and selling sweet corn to friends and neighbors.

But don't let not living on a farm stop you! You can grow upside down tomato plants in a small area or on your patio!

Or make even more money by turning those fresh tomatoes into garden fresh salsa!

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) Withdraw: To take money out of your bank account.

2) Coins: Metal money.

3) Annual Fee: Yearly charge for use of a credit card (2 words).

Do You Know Whose Picture Is On...

A Penny?

Answer: Lincoln

Cheap Family Fun

Wedding bells are ringing!!

We have two nieces getting married this summer. Not only are weddings a joyous occasion, but inexpensive FUN for the whole family!

Where else can you have dinner and dancing for a family of 6 for $50 to $75 dollars?

So don't let your teens tell you they'd rather hang out with their friends than go to a boring family wedding.

They'll end up having a BLAST!

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