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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #005 -- Teach Your Kids the Value of Smart Grocery Shopping
May 18, 2007

Are You Teaching Your Kids How to Save Money at the Grocery Store?

I admit it - I hate grocery shopping! I spend hundreds of dollars every week on groceries...and it disappears in literally DAYS with 4 kids!

Tony (#1 son) knows that my grocery shopping day is usually Thursday, so right when he gets home from school he goes through the cupboards locating all the goodies!

One of the best things you can teach your kids is how to save money at the grocery store.

After all, everyone has to eat - so you might as well get the most bang for your buck, right?!

It's one of the most important life lessons you'll teach your kids.

I've mastered some tricks that will save you both time and money on your weekly grocery shopping well as teaching your kids how to be frugal shoppers.

Time = Money: 3 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Shopping Time in Half:

1) Split your list in half and have one of your kids do half the shopping to get done in half the time.

Now I know some of you may be nervous about this...that your daughter might not buy the right sale item or may even throw something extra in the cart (like chocolate), but hang in with me here.

How are your kids going to learn how to be smart shoppers if they never get the chance to practice? And wouldn't you rather they learn from you on how to shop frugally?

Part of being a parent and a teacher is being able to allow your kids to practice these skills and make mistakes. Then you'll be there to help correct those mistakes!

2) NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!!

Not only will you blow your budget and list, but you'll be dawdling in the baking aisle looking for that perfect fudge brownie mix or chocolate chip cookie dough!

3) There's nothing more effective than having a deadline. Plan your grocery shopping trip with a strict time limit or even better, 40 minutes before you have to pick up Johnny at baseball practice.

This helps you to stay on task.

Do Menus Help or Hurt?

One of the most common questions I get asked is: "Do you plan menus for the week?"

My answer is: "I plan my menus according to what I have in my pantry and freezer."

Since the majority of things I buy are either on sale or with a coupon, I know I've paid the lowest price possible for those items in my pantry. This saves way more money than the menu approach.

In the menu approach, you decide what you're going to eat for the week, and then you're committed to buying those items whether they're on sale or not or whether you have a coupon or not.

Of course, if I have a special occasion like Thanksgiving or Easter, I make an exception. But even then, I try to plan my special meal with what I have in my pantry or freezer.

And I plan ahead and buy the turkey and ham when it's on sale to have on hand in my freezer.

But How Do You Save Money on Milk, Meat, & Produce?

I have two teen boys and they go through 3 gallons of milk A WEEK! I affectionately call them my baby calves!

So how do you save money on milk, meat, and produce when there are rarely coupons for these items?


For meat, buy when it's on sale and stock up. Or in our case, we raise our own beef and chickens so our freezer is plumb full.

Even if you don't have a large freezer, you can still prioritize and maximize your freezer space by packing items in freezer bags or freezer containers. Then you'll have room for chicken breasts when they go on sale for $.79 cents a pound!

Milk is usually on sale somewhere in your town. I've found a gas station that sells the cheapest milk!

If you don't want to make a special trip just for the sale-priced milk, then check with the store manager to see if they honor competitors ads. Most Wal-Marts honor all competitors ads.

Whether you live in New York City or Anchorage, Alaska, you can save money on pricey fruits and vegetables the same way your great-grandma making friends with the veggie/fruit man at your grocery store!

You can get tomatoes, carrots, bananas, and fruti of all different kinds for less than half price.

Just ask if you can buy the rejects as they are sorting vegetables at a substantially lower price.

It's so easy to cut a bad spot off of a green pepper when you're making a salad or a bruise off an apple when you're making a pie.

And don't forget to offer your veggie/fruit guy a piece of your delicious pie or at least the recipe!

A friend of mine got enough strawberries from a wholesaler to make jam for her entire Christmas list - the regular price would have been over a hundred dollars!

Random Acts of Tithing

While you're at the grocery store teaching your kids the tricks to smart shopping and saving a buck...

How about having them help an elderly person bag her groceries...or carry them out to the car?

This will really make someone's day and make you feel good too.

Remember to leave a canned good or package of pasta in the food shelf box while you're at it. If your son or daughter loves animals, here's how to help rescue an abandoned animal

Profitable Home Business Idea:

With our aging population, there is more need than ever for services for the elderly.

If you or your kids like to cook, why not offer a service to prepare a meal or do the grocery shopping for a homebound senior?

You could advertise in your local paper, make up flyers, put notices at churches, the post office, at the clinic, or the library.

Most seniors would welcome a meal prepared for them for a fair price.

You might even want to offer a manicure or make-up session so they can get pampered before dinner!

Not only will you be running a profitable business, but you'll make some good friends along the way. For more profitable niche business ideas, check this website... For more profitable niche business ideas, check this website...

Fast Ways For Little Kids to Make Extra Cash

Here are 3 Quick Ways to Make Some Cash:

1) File paperwork for $5

2) Wash windows (price negotiable!)

3) Make some homemade chocolate chip cookies and sell or take orders around the neighborhood for $3 dollars a dozen.

It's Good to Know...Financial Terms For Kids

1) Mutual Fund - A group of many different stocks in a certain industry, for example, real estate companies or different gold mining companies.

2) Liability - Something you owe money on - like a house, a car, or furniture

3) Income - any money you earn from allowance, gifts, or from a job you have

Cheap Family Fun

We're heading to the Kickapoo river in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin for some canoeing, kayaking, and camping along the bank this week-end.

My husband used to go to their week-end family farm as a kid so he wants to show us the old farmstead.

I'm stocking up on lots to drink (including Miller Genuine Draft beer and sangria wine for the grown-ups) easy cook-out food, playing cards, and insect repellent to enjoy the quiet solitude around a cozy camp fire and hopefully, a starry night.

We might even get to see some Amish with their horse drawn carriages.

And it will be even more memorable with some aunts, uncles, and cousins coming along for the trip.

Your kids will always remember family vacations and get-aways more fondly than playing video games or watching movies.

So have some fun this month stretching those grocery dollars, helping out a needy senior, and head to the woods for some type of cheap family camping trip!

And always remember, it's how you raise your kids that determines whether or not they become generous millionaires. Not how smart, talented, or athletic they are.

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