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Millionaire Kids Ezine, Issue #026 - Summer Teen Job Hunting Tips
May 15, 2009

Is your teen looking for a job this summer?

Hello Parents!

Is your teen looking for a summer job?

My oldest daughter Rachel just landed a nanny job for the summer 3 days a week. Hooray! Now she'll be able to sock away some much needed money for college.

Summer is right around the corner, so it's time for teens to hit the pavement and start their summer job hunt.

With the economy in the tank, competition for summer jobs is fiercer than ever. Not only are there fewer jobs available, but teens are having to compete for jobs from the ranks of their parents, who've been laid off, and even grandparents, who may be looking for part-time jobs to supplement their retirement.

These five tips will help you stand out from the crowd, get your foot in the door, and get the job that you want.

1) First of all, be sure to apply in person

And just as important, be sure to apply at the right time!

Don't show up at Dairy Queen in the middle of a hot, summer afternoon and expect to get the manager's attention.

They will be up to their elbows in blizzards taking care of customers! You'll be seen more as a pest then a possible employee.

The best time to apply for a summer job is Monday - Thursday before noon. If you apply in the morning, it shows that you are motivated and serious about your job search. You could have slept in, but you didn't!

If you can only apply on the weekends or in the evening, make sure that it is during a slow business time.

2) Dress for Success

First impressions count a lot when a teen is looking for a summer job.

There is a lot of competition for jobs so the way you dress can give you an edge. Teen fashion is great but you want to look professional; you're not there to impress friends or get a date.

If you are applying for a summer job as a salesperson at a fashion store, dress like you already work there. If you are looking for work in a restaurant, wear a white shirt and black pants.

The key is to look neat, clean, and confident.

And breath mints are a definite plus!

3) Ask for the Manager.

Better yet, ask someone who works there what the hiring manager's name is...and Remember It!

When the manager approaches, address him/her by name, smile, and shake his hand.

Introduce yourself and explain that you are looking for a job and would like to fill out an application.

4) Come Prepared

Bring a résumé, even though it may be light on work experience. List your accomplishments in skills, such as how many children you've cared for during babysitting, special skills like lifeguard certification or acting in theatres, and be sure to include letters of recommendation from people for whom you may have done baby-sitting, lawn-cutting, or previous jobs.

Also, make sure you bring a pen to fill out the application. It shows lack of foresight when someone comes in to apply for a job and asks for a pen! It makes it seem as if you are applying for the job on the spur of the moment.

You will also need to bring the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references. Ask your teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, etc. if you can use them for a job reference. Friends and relatives are okay as well.

Take your time and fill out the entire application. Neatness and spelling count! The application is your first impression so make it a good one. After you fill out the application turn it in to the manager.

Ask if you can get an interview. If they say yes, fantastic! Make sure you write down the day and time. If they say no, then thank them for their time and ask if you can follow up in a few days in case something changes.

5) Follow up In 3 Days

Three days after you apply for a job, go back and follow up.

It's best to show up in person - don't call. Ask the manager if he had a chance to look at your application and if he is hiring.

Be friendly.

Be polite.

If he says no, thank him politely and continue searching for your job.

And if you had an interview, send a hand-written thank you note.

This alone may land you the job because many applicants forget this important tip!

Here is an easy way for teens to make some extra cash this summer... With persistence...and a little luck...

Your teens will find the right job, at the right place, at the right time.

Happy summer job hunting!

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Random Acts of Tithing

I don't know about your yard...but our yard has plenty of dandelions!

Have you ever made dandelion jam? It's really delicious...and easy to make.

How about making up a batch to give as a thank you to a teacher?

It's Good to Know...

The wind is warm...

The grass is green...

The bulbs are blooming...

And there is only 1 month until summer is offically here!

Thanks for the privilege of touching your life!

Happy parenting,


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