The Greatest Millionaire-Building Tool is NOT Winning the Lottery...It's a Roth IRA

You're probably wondering how in the world a Roth IRA is better than winning the lottery to become a multi-millionaire?

Stick with me here...I'm really NOT crazy!

It's just that winning the lottery...quitting your job...telling your boss "you know what"...and sipping Bahama Mamas with an umbrella in it on the beach...ain't gonna happen!

Sorry to be a "bubble burster".

But you CAN still become wealthy...if you get started right NOW.

And your kids are SURE to become millionaires...with time on their side for their money to grow.

Let me explain.

The Roth IRA was born on January 1, 1998 as a result of Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, named after the late Senator William V. Roth, Jr.

It was developed to give tax relief to Americans saving and investing for their retirement.

And it's now the single, greatest millionaire-building tool available for you (and your kids).

It allows your investments to grow tax free, earnings are not taxed when you withdraw the money, and best of all, there is no early withdrawl penalty or taxes after the initial 5 years!

It really is a powerful tool for wealth building.

No sense paying more taxes than you have to, right? And neither should you kids.

Who Should Open a Roth IRA?

Most financial experts will advise you to open a Roth IRA or convert your regular IRA to a Roth if you expect your tax bracket to be lower when you retire.

And the formula can get rather fancy.

A simple rule to follow...99% of all Americans would be better off with a Roth.

Teens should especially take advantage...after all, most millionaires started making money YOUNG!

As soon as your kids have "earned" income from a job, they should Open a no fee Roth IRA with just $500 here... The sooner - the better.

And they won't have to wait 40 years to be able to use it - only 5 years!

The reason is because contributions are made after taxes any way.

For example, your son could withdraw money (principal only) after the initial 5 years from his account tax free and without penalty.

He may need money for a downpayment on a new house for his growing family...and your precious grandchildren!

Main Benefits & Guidelines In a Nutshell:

1) No Deduction - contributions are made after taxes

2) Escape taxation - earnings grow tax free

3) All earnings are tax free when withdrawing

4) No early withdrawl penalty after initial 5 years

5) Don't have to withdraw at age 70 1/2


$4,000 for 2006 ($5,000 if you are over age 50)

Adjusted Gross Income Cap of $95,000 for Individuals

$150,000 for married couples

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