by McMillan Ngwenya
(London, Hayes)

Hello my name is McMillan Ngwenya,and i am very interested in taking on this massive opportunity which could benefit myself as well as my family.

As you have seen from my job description at the top you shall see that i hope to be an accountant. I have a nag as you may say in looking after money, protecting it, and eventually getting my own profit from it, so i just hoped i will be able to help others out there is assuring that they can look after their money, as well as gaining a profit from it.
Many people have described me as being a trust worthy person, moreover someone who is able to assist you in all money related situation.
Finally to finish off i think i am worth the hire ring for i shall guarantee to make you proud, and possibly create a successful business from it.

Yours Sincerely,

McMillan Ngwenya

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