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by Ella Mae Trait
(Ocean Grove, VIC, Australia)

Hi my name is Ella Trait I just turned 13 and I need to earn some money fast! I will give you some reasons why... I (apparently) owe my step sister $20 for some clothes she bought me, I am running low on clothes and would love to buy my own and also I have a boyfriend and as usual I am worried to tell my parents so I won't be able to get him birthday/christmas/valentines day presents. I live in Australia and am in the Seal program for school. (select entry accelerated learning). I have a passion for literature and photography and do onstage acting here and there.

I have been acting since I was a 6 year old and have been in 9 musicals including classics like the sound of music as gretel when I was 6, the king and I when I was 7, Oliver when I was 11 and some more less known performances. I love surfing and skating in my spare time which unfortunately I sort of suck at both but I am learning. I make music videos and occasionally vloggy sort of videos on youtube (my channel is called EllaBella199 if you want to check it out and I currently have 12 subscribers i know it's not much but I'm still appreciative). I am now going to tell you a sort of backstory of my life... So ever since I was 5 my parents have been fighting and would break up and make up numerous times, recently though in 2012 they broke up for good and I had to call the police on my father for breaking mums nose, I am barely scratching the surface at this because of course it is the internet and I don't want everyone knowing. I don't want to bore you with my life so I will leave it here.
Thankyou and byeee!
Ps I will upload one of my photography pictures a selfie a gymnastic action shot and a gymnastics video.

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