Actual Job

by Kate
(U.S Texas)

My Name Is Kate, I'm 13 And I want A Real Job That Can Hire Me. I Live In The U.S. I Don't want a job like baking, selling lemonade, baby sitting or dog sitting. I don't trust taking Surveys (I believe they are scams and leads to virus's) But I want to get hired. Like a job that pays 7.50 and hour . my mom won't pay me for choirs either. I would like a job maybe like at the mall, or as a janitor even! Maybe washing cars, but none of family are willing to let me wash they're cars. Plus my neighborhood isn't like that. I tried selling my items but it isn't enough money :/ I want an actual job. I know I can't get hired until 14 with a work permit but still. Any suggestions? :/

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