Advertising, making surveys

by Hannah Macaulay
(United Kingdom )

I like advertising things and making things look attractive so that people would like an interesting product and one they can rely on. I like things to look bold and this particular area I have high skill in and I believe you would want to hire someone who cares about presentation.

The second job that I would like to do is make surveys or questionnaires for people to take part in for both kids and adults. I would like there to be various topics that people enjoy like sports, music and stuff like that.

To the amount of money that would be paid a month, I would be very dedicated to put the time and effort in but obviously I would have to work it around school and my other hobbies that I take part in during the week. I would be willing to try as hard as I can but I need to be able to have flexible hours.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to these topics because I like to make sure everything gets done, but that it gets done well. I never complete something that I know wont be successful, but I try my hardest to make sure that it will never happen. I am very bubbly and hyper but when it comes to work I put my head down.

I hope that you will accept me and hire me because this job can take me to so many different places and I will be able to put it on my CV and I will have an advantage over everyone that hasn't earnt money before.

Please accept me,


13 years old.

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