animal sitting, photography

by Jessi Gentry
(De Queen, Ar)

I love animals and I am very good at taking care of almost any animal. I have 5 dogs and they were trained by me. I used to dog sit the neighbor's dog, so I do have much experience. I had a cat, a horse, and 2 pigs. One of my dogs, Rosie is very well trained. She knows many tricks like sit, shake, down, stay, and come. I also spend most of my time outside, so I will take animals on walks. I will also accept special needs, schedules, and care. You have to bring your own pet food if animal is staying at my house.

I love to take pictures. I take pics of my dogs, flowers, birds, creeks, rivers, lakes, streams, and almost anything nature.

email me at

or call my mom at 870-582-1590

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