Any thing I'm good with computers not like really good but average Maybe a little more

by Zach mallon
(Wilmington ma)

Excuse my spelling or grammar typing fast if I mess up happens a lot. I like gaming using a computer very basic coding I'm interested in making like a game or website or something or even writing I'm doing this for money so invest in a even bigger plan for more money most teens think I got 200. Dollars going to the movies I think I got $200 I wanna turn it into 500. I plan in making money with this seems kinda legit and using it to code or program a game for even more $ I've been doing buissness research coding program laws on my limits as a teen and I believe this could kick start my ideas and plans I wanna make money and use it for something to make more I can legally work next year but that is average I wanna make or do something effective but enjoyable I don't wanna settle I hope you accept this and thank you for your time and I'll take any thing available thank you -Zach mallon

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