Any Work At Home Job

by Jada Baker
(Robinson Creek KY 41560)

Hello! I'm Jada Baker. I'm a 14 year old who has had some trouble in the past. So I know for sure how it feels to not have everything you want/need. I've never had a job before, (because of my age, obviously) and I am willing to work hard to earn some money. Why I need the chance for a job is my girlfeind, Kailee, lives in a trailer with her mom, dad, and her little brother. Her dad has a disability which makes him unable to work. Her mom is the only one in the house that works. She works at a double quick and they just got a call today saying that her hours have been cut. The family has to go long amounts of time without food quite often and I want to help. Most of what money I would earn would go towards them so they can have food and electricity. (Which they got a notice that is 2 months behind and it could be turned off the 7th of this month.) Please anyone. I need an at home job because I would have no one to drive me otherwise. Please, and thank you. ~Jada La'Shea Baker

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