Anything (babysitting/tutoring/websites/dog walking, REALLY ANYTHING

by Tayler Guy
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

My name is Tayler Guy

I am fluent is French and English, and love to read and write, I have been published 3 times by Polar expressions publishing company!

I love school and I'm an A student, I love all subject but especially math, I had trouble as a young kid so I am educated on how to help understand, I also have a wide education in history and sciences.

I have taken my babysitters course and my first aid course, I have babysat kids from ages 7 months to 10 years

I have many pets, I have a gecko, a cat and a dog that I take care of frequently. I am we'll educated on pets and will willingly take care of them.

I have created popular blogs and websites, my knowledge on computers is expanding and I love to write essays and create blogs.

I can cook, mow the lawn, whatch the kids, walk the dog, take care of your pets, create a website/blog or tutor in French or english

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