Anything besides baby sitting or taking care of kids

by Savannah Klein
(Chicago, Illinois )

Hi! My name is Savannah, I'm 13 years old, and I REALLY need money to go on this overseas exchange program for my school. I know a lot of kids get it and its sometimes easier to pay for it independently but unfortunately my family doesn't have a lot of extra money, and my parents can't take any time off of work to go on a vacation to four other countries. Plus, I would like to know what it's like to be independent for once ;P Part of growing up. Anyways, I'm interested in basically any job except babysitting, I can't stand kids. They're just really loud and annoying. So that's out if the question. Some of my favorite things to do is writing, drawing, collecting things, animals, the outdoors, just about anything. To go on the exchange program (its next summer) it costs about 4,500 to 8 grand.... SO MUCH MONEY. And I've gone on so many sites and they say the same things, apply for baby sitting or pet sitting, but they never say how to, and unfortunately that means its out of the question for me. So please help me to make some money for the program, it would mean SO much to me. Thanks for your time (: -Savannah xx

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