Anything Online, Writing, Computer teacher, fitness instructor, babysitter

by Carlene

Hi! My name is Carlene. I am 13 years old and I have been looking to make some extra money to save up for a new laptop to be able to do better photoshop, youtube videos, and minecraft. I am an online geek if you would say. I love the game minecraft and have my own server. I have already made around 120$ in donations (about $80 profit). I also have some experience with adobe photoshop and adobe after effects. I am also extremely active playing 4 sports (soccer,basketball,tennis, & track) during the year. In school I am in all the pre-ap and higher classes getting straight A's.

The type of job I would like would be anything online or outside. I love using the computer and know almost everything from how to get rid of a virus to how to change your screensaver! I am fairly creative and love writing. I have some babysitting experience with taking care of my neighbors kids, but there are not much children in my neighborhood and driving far is not really an option. During summers I would love to take some kids to do easy fitness training, such as jogs, yoga, or exercising.

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