Anything that get me money fast

by Christine Zhang
(Markam, Ontario (Canada))

It's me ^^ (I look weird...)

It's me ^^ (I look weird...)

I'm a 12 year old girl (I turn 13 in a couple months) and I live in Markham, Ontario. My name is Christine and I'm looking for any job that can let me get money quick. I'm saving up to buy my best friend something for her birthday and for some leftover money to use on merchandise. (From a boy band, EXO. I'm a typical teen.) Please help me find a job fast.

You can contact me from my email:
I prefer these couple jobs, if you can find me one, that would great, thank you!

Anything to do with animals or kids
Paper routes
Or anything else, but I would like a job that can help me earn money fast.

Thank you!

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