by Shannell
(Scotland, Insch)



I would like to do anything i just really want to earn/make my own money? I really find it will be fun whatever the job is, i mean i will have something to do because i always find i get bored quite easily!I like YouTube and wouldn't just do it for the money i find YouTube so fun and interesting it would be cool if i did!I like makeup and stuff like that im trying to build my makeup collection up a bit more, some people think i am a bit weird and i'm stupid for liking/having makeup and i just want to say it just what i like doing!Finally, i like singing and dancing, i sing everyday and i just seem to like it.I have done dancing for a while, but one day i moved up to Scotland and i didn't ever go back, but Scotland is a way nicer area so i guess it was worth it!
Thanks for reading and yeah?!:)

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