anyting with kids,animal

by lindsay
(greenbrier and goodlettsville )

I love kids I always have my experience is limited to family and family friends a tipical day when I babysit is

1)breakfast when they wake up
2)I let then play till lunch (1200)
3) lunch we watch tv and then we do a bible story then lesson ( tends to last less than 30 minutes)
4) nap time depending on the age
5) they play for around a hour or so
6) depending on the age we do our numbers,abcs, and work on vocabulary
7) they get to play until there parents get home 8) there parents either cook dinner or I cook for him/her
note!!!we pray before every meal
note!!!!I am great with cdc kids I work with them at school
note!!! this is mostly a summer job post but may babysit when ur kid gets off the bus till you get home (I get out of school at 255)
when I babysit I tend to:
-complete learning objective
-we do crafts
-most importantly have lottts of funnnn

I will babysit in
-Goodlettsville Tennessee
-greenbrier Tennessee
-Springfield Tennessee
-certain parts of Joelton

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Mar 14, 2015
forex NEW
by: Imran520

It is good work for you.

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