App Developer

by Cynthia
(Dryden, MI, USA)

I want to develop an app for an iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc, but I cant figure out the best website to go to. Honestly, there is a boy in Utah, and I want to now what he used. His name is Robert Nay and his game, Bubble Ball, was downloaded more than 2 million times! I mean wow, and he's only 14, he was placed #1, even better than Angry Birds!!

Well, i'm turning 13 in May, which is really close now. I was wondering if you guys could help, or post good app developing sites? I saw the video, but I couldnt get that far with what you guys are using because i cant use a credit card...

So, thanks for the list, and if you could help me I would be so grateful!!!!

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