ART! Creating posters, flyers, cards L@@K Here!!AND Designing!

by Lillian

Hi! My name is Lillian, and I love to get things done, so you can count on me. :)

I'm 13!

I am a more artistic person,I love to do any kind of art, cause it is fun and inspiring.
Because I've had an eye on a pair of boots, I have decided to get real for once and make some money of my own to buy my own boots, so their not "my moms".
Because there is no snow, and all leaves have fallen and are kinda packed up already, there aren't any job options, considering how my town is put up...
For an online career, I would like to help do any posters, cards, flyers, I just need the category, and I can create something original and fun.
But I would need the person to pay a portion of the materials needed for the card, so I do make profit, not just giving my ideas away.

As for designing, I tend to get many compliments for many ideas, for tons of things. But I especially am obsessed with a great idea for boots, but I just need to know how to make it or a company to buy my idea. It is fantab! I just know someone in the future will eventually make it...shhsh its a secret! :)

Designing can range from many things, so I need a hint on what you are focusing one.

I also can write I guess, I've won two awards, both regional for writing essays, and the money is in the bank for college. But I have a small chance of winning everytime, so I can't win every contest, it wouldn't be fair...
But of course this dream online job hasn't started yet. And I need someone to contact me so I can get this going and get my boots!

You can contact me at
Feel free to contact me anytime! I am hyped to work with anyone!

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