art, music,fashion, books, or basically anything

by sarah
(clayton wa, usa)

Hi, i'm sarah, i am actually 12 but the artical says 13 or younger...

I am a level 3 graduate cellist, i am principal cello in the spokane youth symphiony,i have a 1st degree black belt in tae kwan do, I love to read and although I cannot think of any jobs that use that, I would love to have a job where i have to read things.I also love to write poetry. Iknow a lot about turtles, (if that helps)And I have a huge family of 16+parents.13 of those kids, (not me) are adopted.
I also have a passion for anything art, or crafty.Especialy fashion designing... its a way to pour your art into clothes and look super cute!I alsolove duck tape!Oh yeah, I also play the piano at an intermediate level.I would like to make anything between$75-200 a month.I can be contacted at
Thank you, i never knew about this kinda thing before...Its Awesome!!!

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