by Lanee McClure
(Lebanon , Tn .)

I'm Lanee . I will be 14 on Saturday , July 27 . I've been wanting too get a job for a while , now . I'm looking for a good paying job where I can start helping my dad with bills and I could go shopping and buy my own clothes . It's be nice too be able too get my own phone , too ! My friends say I can draw . I was wondering , maybe I could get like some kind of job that I can show off my drawings . I draw cartoon characters from some of my old favorite cartoons . Like , Loonytoons , My Little Pony , ect . So , If there are any jobs I could possibly get like that , that'd be great ! If not , I could do some sort of creative writing things . I've wrote a couple of 2 too 3 page scary stories for reading class . If there are jobs out there I could do , please help me ?

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