Article writing, website making, odd jobs, and tutoring

by chloe
(Saint Pete)

Hi, I am a 13 year old girl that is willing to tutor, make websites, and write articles, I am in grade 8 and have the following credibilities

*I have written articles for my school newspaper and have been in writing club for 3 years

* I have won a spelling bee and I am in English 1 honors

* I am in Geometry Honors classes and I'm only in 8th grade

*I scored a five on my End of Course exam for algebra and have passed Math 1 & 2, Pre- algebra, and Algebra with all A's

* I am in all advanced classes

* I have made 5 websites (I used templates though)

I will also do any other online job needed, thank you for your time
contact me at:
this is my business email

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