article writing

by Jaden Bothwell
(Ocala, Fl)

well my name is Jaden Bothwell and I am currently 14 years old. I am in the advance program at my school and I'm signing up for aice. I like writing and telling stories. I like to watch television and if there's a show on that I like to watch then I watch it find way to make the episode better.I think I have a talent of critiquing other people's work. If someone makes a little mistake I can make it seem like a big mistake.I can critique someone's food, clothes, shoes and maybe a t.v. show. I don't want to write a lot then you won't what to read my job. I do enjoy writing please let me do this job I won't let you down. I really want to help my family by buying my own clothes and shoes,and to help with college.

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