Article Writing

by Joy Otu
(Gaborone, Broadhurst,Botswana)

my name is Joy Otu and i am 15 years old. i love reading novels especially on watt-pad. i have a twin sister and she is older than me. i do not have a lot of friends. i love children especially the young ones.we are seven in my family. two sisters and two brothers.

i am quiet and i like to listen to people's problems and give advice.i am good at computers and i am a fast typist.

I Need a job that doesn't require me to move up and down. since i am still under age, my guardians will not allow me to go out without supervision.i would like a survey job or any job that deals with children or cleaning the yard.. i need anything that will help me get money.

i mostly need an article writing job. i am good at writing articles concerning everyday life.

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