Article writing

by Vivian Le Tran
(Houston, Texas, United states)

Hello, My name is Vivian . My online friends call m Arii since I really like that name and it goes well with e better than Vivian.I would love a job that involves writing, I love writing poems and as well as short stories.My grammar isn't perfect but i'm working on it. So, therefore people can at least know where i'm getting to. I'm still a child looking for a job, since i'm growing up and saving up for college. I'm 13 Years old turning 14 this month, April 19th,2016. I love computer gaming so why not? I'm mostly on my laptop so i would definitely have time for article writing. Since, my mom gets quite tired of me laying around my house doing nothing i would love to get a job.
I don't care about how much i get paid, I just want a job where i can have time for what i like doing most.

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