Article Writing

by Jacquelynn

Hi, my name is Jacquelynn, currently 13, turning 14 in June, and I would just LOVE to write articles and getting paid. First off, I love writing so it's as if i'm getting paid to do something I love. As a teen, I'm going through the transition of paying things with my own money, and I'd rather not rely on my parent's money to buy things. I can't have jobs where it requires me to drive around because I have yet not learned how to drive, so writing articles would just be perfect since it requires no physical movement, unless you count typing of course. I have a broad knowledge on multiple things, and if I don't, GOOGLE! I am a straight A student in all honors classes, and I am moving to high school this upcoming year, so I'm looking forward to the new changes in my life, and i would love to have a job be part of those changes and transitions. Thank you!!!

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