Article writing,taking surveys, anything that I could do online

by Courtney
(New Zealand)

Hey there, my name is Courtney and i'm 13 years old. I'm a year 9 student that attends a public college in Auckland New Zealand and i'm looking for some extra money to start my own gaming channel on YouTube but in order to do that I need gamin equipment a desktop and whole lot of other things but the main reason why i need some money is because I would like to buy my mum lots of gifts because I believe she deserves it for everything she has done for me. Things are hard at the moment and my mother barely has any money left over to spend on her self.....because of me and I just really really want to give back to her.

On my last school report I was told that I am above average for writing and reading. I also attends writing programs.
My hobbies are writing,reading,music and astronomy. I'm very mature for my age and responsible. I also take things serious when needed to but I also know how to have fun :)


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