Articles or taking surveys, and/or selling products for at least $15, singing, dancing

by Clarissa
(Norwalk, United States, CA)

A job where I can easily pull out my iPhone and then just earn money. Like helping someone with a website, or building my own. I want to help my family earn money for our daily essentials. My dad is so low on money and he lives in an apartment. I want to help him out and surprise him with alot of money and I also want to save up money for a $200 computer, but I just can't find ways on how because I'm 13 and we can barely do anything at this age except for just texting and using technology. Why not use it usefully? That's something I look into. I sing and dance, and I am planning to upload youtube videos, but I can't edit until I get the computer. I just can't find anything because I'm well 13!! Thanks for reading. Stay cool<33

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