by Mhykaela

Sorry I lied in the checkbox. I'm 14 and I'll admit that I'm not that good in almost everything I do, school, works, and stuff. I'm not even considered a beginner with my skills in writing, but I do love to read books in some certain apps and those stories I read is what drives me to WANT to create something of my own. I was born in a household where my parents can provide for three of us sisters all our needs, we're even enrolled to one of the highest ranked schools along with its high tuition fee in our region. But we are different from 'rich', it's called "my parents overwork themselves". Just barely passing by. I want to help them in some way. My parents lived their lives working to pay off our grandparent's debt, even till now. In the future, I want to let them experience the luxuries in life, even if it means I'll stop being a lazy-ass and try harder. I just want to be of help. I did not ask for permission as they'll surely, strongly disagree. Please let me.

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