by Cidnee Sweet
(Waddell, AZ. United states)

Hello, my name is Cidnee. Im very well trusted when it comes to babysitting, petsitting or house sitting. Im good with children, animals and im great at taking care of a house (cleaning or watching over that is). Ive babysitted my younger cousins and friends younger siblings. Im especially good with babies, but any child seems to like me, really. Im also great with aniamls. I love any animal, from snakes to dogs, to mice to horses. For those who are needed at work, 24/7, you can trust me to feed, clean, and care for your aniaml, and or child.Im also great at cleaning or house watching. When my mother isnt feeling well i clean the living room, kitchen and office. I clean from the top of the cabinets to the floors. There isnt any job i really cant do.

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