baby sitting :)

by simara karacia
(sarasota, florida)

hello! my name is simara karacia,but I normally go by Sia. I love kids, so naturally baby sitting is my first choice for a way to make money. the biggest reason that i'm trying to earn money is that I am saving up for a new phone. last summer I purchased a cheap phone, which has now completely stopped working. I've decided that it would be a good idea to purchase a phone of higher quality, so that it'll last longer. the phone i'd like to get is $600 off contract. so far, I have $230. I made that by selling some of my ipod cases, as I no longer have my ipod. I am good at communicating with adults, and I am also very honest. like I said before, I love kids, and I'd like to think that kids love me. worry not, I won't sit on your children.

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