Baby sitting, pet sitting, mowing grass, singing, acting, pretty much anything

by Dylan McCavitt

Well I'm 13 years old my name is Dylan McCavitt I'm in 8th grade and I currently go to Norfolk collegiate but well I'm afraid that won't happen anymore. You see Norfolk collegiate is a private school and my parents just don't have the money to send me there anymore so after this year I can't go I have to go to public school, which wouldn't be all that bad but I have a passion for acting and singing, iv been told I'm pretty good but this school has an amazing drama program iv done two plays already the first one was alladin and I was alladin and the second one was Alice in wonderland and I have never felt better in my life than when I acted in those plays, and the kids I act with I connect with so well, I will never find another place like it. So I'm desperate for any work that I can do to get me enough money to go to school for the rest of high school. Any jobs I can do I would happily do if I can

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