baby sitting,dog caring,helping old people,paper round,car washing

by Lucy Phillips
(South Wakes)

I am a 13 year old girl my name is Lucy I am from Wales there is not a day I go without going on my laptop I am addicted to facebook. In school people call me names and it just goes on and on and I get really upset about it so I guess you could call it bullying. I love old people because my great nan was 96 when she passed away so I always looked after her before she died also me and my nan got a brilliant relationship and she is getting quite old aswell now so im helping to look after her. I hate working around my home evan cleaning my own bedroom but I am happy to clean up other peoples mess. now I have started growing up I think I need to have more responsibilty and maybe find a job I can get a tiny bit of money for so I can go out more with my friends. I dont have pocket money if I want money I just ask but I dont have much so I usually save. I love Christmas last year I started buying presants for family members and close friends because I want my mam to realise I have more responsibility and allow me to do more things. I would love a job thinking about it im actually quite young for a job but its not a full time job that I want the type of job im looking for is about 12 hours a week baby sitting,working with old people,walking dogs,car washing make a stand of unwanted things like a car boot.

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