Babysiting Job, and a video game job

by Sergio
(Urbana, IL)

Well I'm 13. I'm turning 14 in 2 months, and I'm really nice and kind to everyone. I can babysit, since I babysit before for my mom's friends. And I like playing video games as well. I'm a bit shy but I can handle taking care of kids are talking in to gamers about video games. I'm not a mean person or anything, I will take my time to be patient and go step by step.

I looking for good jobs, since I got no job and my parents give me some of there hard earned money to me so I feel bad so having my own job would be nice. And I could get paid and all that good stuff. I'm good with kids of 3-5. As well for babies except when it comes to diapers.

Anyways, hopefully you can hire me for a gaming job like explaining something or doing some gaming. As for baby-sitting yeah, feeding them and making you adults have a good dinner or a night. I will follow all directions and write them in a memo. Thanks :D

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