Hello, my name is Bree-Ann and im 14 and 4 months

and would love to be a-part-time babysitter. After school hours and weekends. I will entertain the kids, cook, bath and shower and put them to bed as well. Take them to the park when i am out of activities (if near the home).

I love kids and have 4 brother, 1 sister, a step-sister and a nephew. I am fun and funny to be around, i can try my hardest to entertain you children.. I will clean the mess that we make during the time you are not there. I shall be in good hands and would love to make you happy...

I really do appreciate getting a job and helping my family aswell as yours. I will accept between $15-$30 an hour or you can change the offer i will be happy either way. please contact me on


p.s-- have no resume at the moment

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