Babysitting and anything with animals

by Jack Polise
(Oklahoma city)

Hi I am jack and I really do not want to wait until I am 16 to apply to a job and would like to find a job early on to prepare for the rest of my life. I am interested in animals because I have many of them including five dogs I walk, feed and care for every day. I have other animals and love to take care of any kind of animals. I like babysitting because I recently just got two new baby brothers that either need to be fed or burped or need a diaper change. I always help out with these kind of things and will do anything to help out and make them happy. I want a job right now so I have something to do over the summer to have fun. I know that there are not many jobs for people my age. When I look online I can only find websites that say to set up a lemonade stand or shovel snow or something for your neighbors but I do not consider these as real jobs. I wish that for kids my age there would be easier ways to get jobs.

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