Babysitting and Dogsitting

by Taryn
(North Carolina)

WellI am 13 years old, I have begged and begged my parents about getting me a job so, when school gets out I can have money and make even more money! But they haven't found me a job, so now I'm coming to you guys. I really like dogs and don't mind kids as long as they aren't violent! I am a mixed child and live in North Carolina. I can help do tutoring, or anything related to that. I don't have neighbors, or don't live in s community, so I would have to get my parents, to drive me, and my Dad works during the whole week except Tuesday. I do run track and make decent grades. I could help kids who want to run track, cheerleading, and dance. And I am trying to work through the school year and during summer break. Haha I forgot, my name is Taryn Wilson. And I could take pictures or anything modeling as long it isn't nudity, just pictures like smiling or something like catalogue.

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