Hi my name is Megan and I am 13 years old. I am C.P.R/ FIRST AID CERTIFIED. I am great with kids and pets. I love teaching kids new things, and I am great at dog walking and just taking care of pets in general. If I need to be recommended I have people who can. If people ask any kids that know me about me they will say they love me.If you need a babysitter or dog walker I am the girl, beacause i can garuntee your child or pet will love me. If not you dont have to pay me. The first time I babysit a child or children is free, just to see if you are happy and if your child is.The same goes for petsitting. I have done both these jobs already for a while but the people I have done it with dont need me anymore, and i have sent out fliers but no one will call!!

So please let me know if I can do any of these jobs.

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