Babysitting, Art tutor, Math and science

by Caitlin
(San Antonio, TX, United States)

Hi I'm Caitlin and i am 14 years old and in the 9th grade, i have this "magic trick" (my mom says this) of getting kids to have fun and be in bed at a specific time :) I'm AMAZING with kids because I have siblings of my own and I know what they like! i work for $8-$10 an hr (depending on what I have to do, infants are usually $10 bc there is a lot to take care of) and I can come watch them at your house too! I also would also like a job being an art tutor, my art teacher is recommending me to an art school which is amazing (hahahaha) and we are having an art show and he is putting practically all my stuff in it. He says I'm one of his best students and that I could probably get somewhere if I keep doing what I'm doing :) i can tutor people in art of all ages and I can practically do all kinds except for clay (I hate that stuff, it's all mushy XD). I can also help with Math and Science. I can help with Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry. I have a 93 in my Geometry class and it is going great! In science, i can help with well science and Bio. Its pretty simple stuff but some is more tricky and i might not know but can always figure it out :). I'm looking into becoming an Engineer (i don't know what kind yet) in college or go into the Army or Airforce (I'm in JROTC right now, sergeant really likes me :D) I am disciplined and when a task needs to get done, i will get it done.

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