Babysitting, Blogging/Writing Fiction, Interior Designing, Making Youtube Videos, Product Testing, Singing, Modeling

by Ashley Crumpacker

Ok, so there are a few things I want to save for. A phone that isn't a brick, money to buy presents for my girlfriend, new shoes and clothes, decorations for my room, and hopefully a leopard gecko. I don't have the patience to save for it with just 45$ a month. I want another outlet to make my own money. I would be willing to babysit two kids, as long as they are 6 months younger than am and potty trained. I love to write creatively, so I could do that as well, or perhaps blog about something I love. I also love designing. I'm not exactly amazing at drawing or stuff like that, but I'm great at pairing colors together, planning, and I love working with houses. I watch HGTV all the time with my mom and mentally design the houses there however I want. I also have a youtube account and would be willing to make videos. Product testing would be pretty cool, too. I'm also a pretty good singer, and I could model as well.
I'm a 13-year-old girl, and I live in Yelm, WA, USA. I love to write and listen to music or hang out with my friends. I'm in pre-algebra and Honors English. I'm good at working with my hands, though I don't normally have the attention span to. Pretty sure I have ADHD, as well as anxiety and OCD. I live with both of my parents, two cats, my dog, and my younger brother. I have experience with younger kids and am fairly good at taking care of others, though I have had no babysitting experience. I can do CPR but have not gotten official certification.

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