Babysitting, bus boy, sign holder(for buisnesses)ect....

by Sophie
(Henderson, NV)

I am Sophie,I am 13 years old, and I would pretty much take any job I can get.. I am part of a poor family,and financially,I can use any help I can get. I am in 8th grade in all honors classes, and if the job actually uses some braincells, I can provide. I do not care whether I am payed $2.oo an hour or $10.00, I just really need to help get my family out of this rutt..

I would prefer a job as a "bus-boy" type of person. What I mean by that, is a job as a clean-up person at a restaurant, or maybe bagging groceries and putting them in carts at supermarkets.

I am not quite sure if their is any occupations out there for someone of my age. But, I would really appreciate it..

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