Babysitting, Dog Walking, Modeling, Article Writing Jobs Wanted

by Edith .B

I am a 13 year old girl looking for jobs in order to make £200 ($308) so that I may buy one of my closet and dearest friends a new laptop for their birthday. This may seem outargues but i am determined to buy this for her as she has helped me through a lot.

I have had some experience with Modeling and I am considered very very skinny with a good figure because of my dancing background. I am not camera shy but expect it to done in a professional environment.

I am very good with babies and children and have taken care of my nephew and god child many times. I also great medication knowledge so I don't mind the health of the child or baby. I am very patient.

Dog Walking-
I have had many experiences with Dogs of any breed and have discovered that most dogs have a liking to me I wouldn't charge much but it may vary depending on if the dog is large and has a very strong pull.

Article Writing-
As you can see from my writing my grammar and vocabulary is of a high standard and I achieve very high level on my writing pieces and am even in the process of writing a book.

Contact me:

(I apologize for the immaturity of my email but it is a very old email address as can be seen)

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